Minecraft Fans…

Minecraft Fans…

Minecraft Fans…

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George: @GeorgeNotFound
Sapnap: @Sapnap
Dream: @Dream

Minecraft fan store…

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52 Responses

  1. Dream Shorts says:

    subscribe or the fans will eat you…

  2. OwO says:

    You know these types of fans are the luckiest when they meet Dream in person.

  3. ComboZ says:

    “What type of fans do you have”
    “…we’ve got blowing fans…”
    Ah yes, the one type of fans. Blowing fans.

  4. PigeonBeans says:

    When the world needed him the most, he came back

  5. Jemima Schuller says:

    Low-key disappointed the shop wasn’t called OnlyFans…

  6. Pixelcraftian says:

    Gonna be honest, I would never have expected this to be made lmao

  7. Sam says:

    So this is where Dream built his fan base. He’s always talking about how proud he is of it

  8. InsertBruh says:

    I guess you could say that I’m a FAN of these shorts.. get it? nevermind.

  9. DreamSMP Hangout says:

    This was a really smart short to come back with

  10. devil says:

    Well, this is interesting to say the least 😂

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