Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem!

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem!

The copper golem is built out of copper. But by whom? By you! Just like all other copper structures, it oxidizes over time and it also enjoys randomly pushing copper buttons. Vote for the copper golem during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

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52 Responses

  1. Rays Works says:

    Just what we need a crazy golem that will push random buttons in my redstone. 😀

  2. OmicronGaming says:

    Seems like all 3 mobs focus on some utility aspect to help the player out. They’re all useful honestly

  3. SHMidler Plays says:

    Why do we have to vote between these specific 3? I kinda am at a point where I don’t know which one I want in the game more, as all three are unique enough and interesting enough that they should all appear in the game to me

  4. xXTheGOLDFinchXx says:

    Personally my favourite is the Allay but I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Glare or the Copper Golem was added. They are all very unique which I respect which is why Minecraft Live is so exciting. To see new ideas come to life!

  5. JDpower656 says:

    I like the direction this year’s Minecraft live’s mob vote is heading. It’s giving the fan base a mob for everyone!
    Glare for Explorers
    Allay for Farmers
    Copper Golem for Red Stone Enthusiasts
    Can’t wait to see what each can bring to the table!

    • Shellrockguy says:

      Farmers and red stone enthusiasts are the same people

    • Digital Skull says:

      @ItsHoverBoi no, players can build IT, all it does is randomly press copper buttons

    • ED3ARD0 G4MER says:

      Hi I’m from Brazil I think we Americans are very nice

    • Eric F.A says:

      @ED3ARD0 G4MER ninguém perguntou 😶 sem ofensa

    • Petrikillos says:

      @Bcapper If you are a redstone enthusiast then you should realize about the hazard the Allay supposes. If Allays get in, any possible filtering mechanic (or block )that could be added at some point would inmediately be discarded cause “we alrerady have Allays”. Devs have already stated that Allays work like Bundles: they cannot stack non stackable items; they can move them 1 by 1, but that’s still poor for a filtering system which, doesn’t work on unloaded chunks (this was also stated by devs). Honestly I’d rather wait some more for actual item filtering instead of risking trusting a new mob that, for all we know, could work even worse than what we already have.

  6. Makeshift Ghost says:

    Although I really like the allay, this mob would is probably what I’m going to vote for. A new golem is something that I wanted for years and it would really give another use to copper. Even if this doesn’t win I wouldn’t mind as the Glare and Allay would still be very cool. Honestly whatever wins, I’m happy. (I’d be even more happier if all of them get added, pls mojang)

    • Makeshift Ghost says:

      Actually I have no idea what I’m going to vote for. The allay is the most useful. The copper golem is a feature that the game definitely needs. And the glare is by far the best looking mob.

    • Fabtastic 3 says:

      I’m voting for the golem as it would make auto farms a lot easier

    • Makeshift Ghost says:

      @Fabtastic 3 yeah, one thing that the trailer revealed is that the golem oxidizes over time and becomes a statue. That might limit the farming potential but by being a golem it still gets my vote.

    • AstroGaming says:

      We are getting a new golem, Its called the warden and yeah I wish all of these would get added but I’m voting the allay

  7. Daniel says:

    Imagine if instead of a copper golem that presses buttons and with the potential to make more complex puzzles, we would have had a golem that glows, no more, no less

    • Bob Marley says:

      except its exactly the same as the iron golem but it cannot attack and can only stand there and glow 10/10 glow squid….i mean glow golem

    • BILLIE SAYS DUH says:

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    • aaasnomel says:

      im surprised nobody said this

    • Petrikillos says:

      Someone has trouble keeping it in from not getting iceologer or pisscow, I see…

  8. Cononsberg says:

    I’ve noticed that so far all three mobs have had a use that’s easily connected to redstone. The copper golem is obvious, of course, but the grumpy light one can be manipulated with redstone lamps and the item collector one is attracted by note blocks. Pretty cool

  9. Sephtis Sucks says:


  10. boss says:

    Copper honestly doesn’t have many uses outside of building at the moment. So this little dude could be really neat (and we don’t have nearly enough golems). It also looks like it has a lightening rod sticking out of it’s head. I wonder what would happen if it got struck by lightning.

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