Minecraft Live 2022: The Mob Vote is Back!

Minecraft Live 2022: The Mob Vote is Back!

Something strange is afoot in Minecraft! Tiny Vu enlists the help of super sleuths Tiny Agnes and Tiny Jens to track down the three mystery mobs that want to join Minecraft. Only one can join, and it’s up to you to help us decide which one!

Vote for your favorite mob on https://Minecraft.net, the Minecraft launcher, or in a special Bedrock server! Voting opens on October 14, noon EDT giving you 24 hours to make your voice heard. Read more about the mob vote at https://Minecraft.net/live

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27 Responses

  1. wattles says:


  2. VeronicanVanilla says:

    You can tell that they’re really trying to make the game harder, and I am living for it.

  3. MatyPlay1 says:

    Spooky mobs? Can’t wait to see them!

  4. Cliff MacDonald says:

    I’m so excited for this! I’m literally counting the days till the show

  5. HibiscusPetals says:

    Honestly, I just wanted to have another tameable mob. I’m always craving for more of those, and I feel like it’s about time we get another friend that follows us around

  6. Block Facts says:

    They should make a game with this art style!

  7. ishan verma says:

    After seeing that Nautilus shell over there… I think it’s gonna be a snail like mob. Which lays lots of eggs apparently and when we hit it, it retreats in to its shell

  8. Red Yoshi Craft says:

    Oooo, this brings me back to my idea for an Update Theme, the “Haunted Update”.
    You see, a group of Endermen is called a “Haunting”, (yes that’s an actual thing) so the idea was that it’d be an End/Horror Update; Updating the End, adding the Deep Dark, (Allay & Glare both would’ve fit in quite nicely) and potentially adding a few other Horror-themed stuff.
    Obviously that didn’t happen, we already have the Deep Dark and whatnot. HOWEVER, the main focus would be the End with a sub-Theme of Horror, so I still really like the idea.

  9. Olimar says:

    Looking forward to the mobs, but might the reporting system become optional in the next update?
    I hear it’s turned out less problematic than feared, but still don’t like that we’ll be wholly dependent on Microjang’s mercy if a false report should arise.

  10. SpiderMax says:

    It is cool that the community gets to vote on something that makes it into the game, but the mobs so far have always been strange…

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