Minecraft logic that makes NO SENSE Pt.12!!!

Minecraft logic that makes NO SENSE Pt.12!!!

Today I am showing you Minecraft logic that really doesn’t make any sense FOR SOME REASON!

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35 Responses

  1. EricStrukGaming says:

    SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!! I am waiting for all the little kids to be like “ItS jUsT a GaMe”

    • Jotaro Kujo says:

      @Glaxiiッ Go ahead, you won’t be able to come up with a good insult at least so call me what I am, apparently being a person that uses reddit even though you couldn’t understand a fucking joke

    • Glaxiiッ says:

      @Jotaro Kujo Lmao chill the fuck out my guy. You’re getting heated over Minecraft. I don’t get how saying “I am waiting for all the little kids to say “”It’s just a game””” if nothing in there is funny, if you laughed your ass off at this good for you but on a real note this is a shit video and that’s just my opinion. Deal with it, you aren’t going to change my mind. 😂

    • Evin Ghostwrite says:

      Remember kids, the best way to insult someone without any creativity is to call them a kid

    • TNOKK says:

      @Jotaro Kujo bad

    • tomatech says:

      @Jotaro Kujo imagine going out of your way just to tell someone that it’s a joke. I was pointing out my opinion

  2. Storm says:

    I bet everyone teleports through you when they see you 🙃

  3. RobotGamer 98 says:

    cant believe this happens in a game made out of blocks

  4. IDK says:

    Yep trying to find logic in a game where there’s a cage that spawns stuff, a box that shoots homing missiles that make you float and a three headed rib cage

  5. Mhara Gal says:

    According to Minecraft “Lore” Woodland Mansions are essentially Pillager Cult Hideouts

  6. Nobody says:

    I like how most these “makes no sense” are things that often do infact make sense. Villagers are hardworking but everything they have is limited to what they can get and they have absolutely no skills besides farming, where as pillagers often work with magic, and taming huge powerful beasts and everything they have is suggested they stole.

  7. Irenale says:

    part 13 be like:
    -what is a creeper why its green and it explode
    -why endermans are a thing i never saw anyone tall like that and able to teleport
    -why zombies and skeleton burns dead people dont burn to sun why they are even moving
    -why there’s block looking fishes that shoot lazers and can breath on land

  8. kapalotnick says:

    Falling in a boat makes sense because the boat absorbs most of the impact

  9. Glaxiiッ says:

    Just wait till this guy realizes that the world is made of blocks and is generated infinitely.

  10. Userphobia says:

    “In Minecraft we all love villagers”

    The villager that’s trading a piece of bread for 6 emeralds: *yes, but no*

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