Minecraft Manhunt, But I Confuse My Hunter…

Minecraft Manhunt, But I Confuse My Hunter…

Minecraft Manhunt, But I Confuse My Hunter…

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45 Responses

  1. Iris Canonigo says:

    You can tell Dev is sick, because he is hallucinating all these twists

  2. Darkworldxl says:

    Kier basically trolled a sick person, and We all laughed. That is messed up, but I love it.

  3. YelloWool says:

    That’s literally the best intro I’ve ever seen.

  4. The Civilian Vid says:

    That ending has got to be the best ending to a manhunt possibly ever, great video! Hope Dev gets better soon

  5. Linus Minus says:

    Dev was just hallucinating with that sickness, man I hope he gets better

  6. Sigh says:

    A kier and dev a day keeps the brain cells away

  7. Ysh says:

    Poor Dev, I hope he gets over his hallucinatory illness

  8. The Drowner says:

    The sheer amount of gaslighting in this video is just amazing.

  9. Samurex Atlas says:

    I’m interested in a rematch of this. With one little tweak, if an item goes through from smaller to bigger, multiply the items. That should make it a bit more fun.

    • missingno miner says:

      I agree that a rematch would be great, but I don’t think what you’re suggesting is possible with immersive portals.

  10. Nikhil Sidhu says:

    Kier and Dev’s manhunts become better and more unpredictable every manhunt!

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