Minecraft Manhunt, But I Torture My Hunter REMATCH…

Minecraft Manhunt, But I Torture My Hunter REMATCH…

Minecraft Manhunt, But I Torture My Hunter Rematch…

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33 Responses

  1. Jester says:

    Kier Death Counter: 8
    3:37 – Zombies
    4:51 – Advancement Explosion (Stone age )
    5:11 – Advancement Explosion (Getting an upgrade)
    6:15 – Advancement Explosion (Aquire Hardware)
    10:47 – Lava Lake (Fell through fake blocks)
    15:04 – Advancement explosion (Cover me with diamonds)
    17:09 – Instant Damage
    18:05 – End crystal Explosion

  2. Ruffy says:

    I feel like Kier is gunna get even harder revenge after this

  3. FernTheFrond says:

    I love how this channel has become a revenge channel rather than a manhunt channel
    I also love how Boosfer and Yello were the actual hunters all along

  4. SeeminglyNoob says:

    These videos are just turning into a back and forth battle between Kier and Dev. Can’t wait to see what Kier has next 😂

  5. Some Guy says:

    Out of all the bangers you guys have made, this might just be the best one. What a diabolical twist to make, especially with Boosfer and Yello as invis trolls. And how typical of Boosfer to just switch sides on a dime. I’m gonna need to see Kier doing a revenge twist, and I’m also going to need to see Dev doing a revenge twist against Yello and Boosfer. So basically; please do a whole lot more of this.

  6. Glenn MC says:

    This is so good to watch, the only downside is the wait between each episode, keep it up!

  7. McCaster Official says:

    From a sleepy man like myself waking up to a notification that Dev is torturing Kier, best thing ever

  8. Joes Gaming says:

    Just as good as the rest of your content. You never disappoint

  9. Gamma Ikazune says:

    With the revenge twists getting this insane, I am both excited and terrified of what they will do for their 1 Million Subscriber video

  10. Gamma Ikazune says:

    I like how these torture twist get more chaotic every time

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