Minecraft Manhunt, But Viewers Decide The Twist…

Minecraft Manhunt, But Viewers Decide The Twist…

Minecraft, Manhunt But Viewers Decide The Twist…

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24 Responses

  1. KIER and DEV says:

    Hey guys! We’re really sorry for not uploading much recently, we lost our main mod developers so we’ve been struggling to find new ones and as you guys know we need mods for most of our videos. That’s also why this manhunt was a bit scuffed so sorry about that, although I hope it still turned out enjoyable! But anyways, we should be back uploading every saturday now! Also go check out our second channel cuz we’re uploading vids there every week too!

  2. Gamma Ikazune says:

    *Kier Death Counter: 15*

    1. Sniper – 1:38
    2. Sniper – 2:34
    3. Zombie – 2:39
    4. Sniper – 4:12
    5. Axe – 5:33
    6. Boosfer – 8:29
    7. Death Swap – 11:18
    8. God Pickaxe – 14:49
    9. Earthquake – 15:07
    10. Capture Pearl – 16:35
    11. Zombie – 16:45
    12. Sneak Attack – 18:38
    13. Zombie – 19:45
    14. Health Dropped to half a heart – 20:23
    15. Bingo – 21:50

    Bonus. Emotional Damage – 14:29

    • Justified says:

      Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ for Eternal Life..
      We are all sinners and deserving hell, but Jesus lived a perfect live.
      He died, was buried, and rose again for the Justification of lost sinners.
      Whosoever will believe that Jesus Christ paid all sin debt in full with his perfect blood, will receive the free gift of the imputed righteousness of Christ and Eternal life.

    • Ruy Vuusen says:

      _That emotional damage must count for at least 69 deaths._

  3. Just a Person says:

    Kier kinda looks like the Grinch trying to kill Santa Claus with that lettuce armour on 😂

  4. Haris Sohail says:

    Amazing video, saw this on Twitch. Thanks for not raging Dev and Kier even after everything you went through. Well appreciated.

  5. Tiredofpolitics says:

    Was this streamed from both perspectives ? If not then that’s probably why dev got most the good stuff since people naturally want to see what happens on their own screens

  6. KIER and DEV says:

    Also just to let you all know, when the deathswap happened, the entire server completely glitched out and killed me with fall damage, even while I was wearing anti fall damage boots. So we asked our viewers if it was fair to continue the manhunt, since I shouldn’t have died and it was just the server that glitched out, and they voted that we continue the manhunt, so that’s why it suddenly changes to day time in the video. Hope you guys don’t mind 🙂 – DEV

  7. Wolfie_Gamer says:

    I’m amazed at the quality considering the lag of the stream, I’m so glad things turned out well in the end.

  8. Geezer D Luffy says:

    20:06 the seriousness of that situation and kier just slowly turns around and starts booking it 😂

  9. Haris Sohail says:

    Please do more of these on twitch, I absolutely loved watching you 2

  10. Rebel says:

    This was a great video, despite the glitches you guys apparently experienced. More live manhunts would be great!

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