Minecraft Manhunt, But We All Have Different Twists FINALE…

Minecraft Manhunt, But We All Have Different Twists FINALE…

Minecraft Manhunt, But We All Have Different Twists


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38 Responses

  1. InfernalBlade says:

    I feel like Dev getting the PTSD twist is essentially the best thing for him because Kier won’t get revenge on him that way

  2. YelloWool says:

    I hope Boosfer gets the worst one.

  3. That one person says:

    Honestly this has been my favourite series type thing, it’s been a fresh experience each time time and a cool concept

  4. Anurag Giri says:

    This was actually one of the best manhunts from these guys….everything was so unexpected

  5. Maysee says:

    dev turning his horrible twist into a “my very presence is the ultimate threat” twist is absolutely amazing

  6. PentAnnoyz says:

    That Ending Tho
    Dev: Gets the Worst Twist Ever
    Boosfer: Now Dev You have to Do A Revenge Twist
    Dev: Ok
    Kier: Still Loses
    Dev: ” Ah Yes My time Has Come to Give Kier Crippling Depression ”
    Kier during the next manhunt: Why Do I Deserve this

  7. The Civilian Vid says:

    I’ve been watching Minecraft stuff less and less recently but these videos from the colo(u)r crew still get me super excited and are super funny. Keep up the good work guys!

  8. Basically RANDOM Animations says:

    Dev: Oh no! I got the worst twist. Guess I can’t do anything.

    Dev: *does the most damage and almost wins*

  9. LunarAvenger says:

    I wish this wasn’t the last one. This is the most unique manhunt with twists that exists.

    • Chad says:

      I wish they pull a dream..

      “Minecraft Manhunt, But We All Have Different Twist FINALE REMATCH”

      “Minecraft Manhunt, But We All Have Different Twist GRAND FINALE”

      “Minecraft Manhunt, But We All Have Different Twist GRANDE FINALE REMATCH”

  10. Superking 100 says:

    Dev actually played really well considering his twist. Also that ending was hilarious!

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