Minecraft Manhunt, But We Can Use The Internet…

Minecraft Manhunt, But We Can Use The Internet…

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Minecraft Manhunt, But We Can Use The Internet…

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31 Responses

  1. KIER and DEV says:

    ✅ Support our channel by downloading buff and get your first 100 points!!:

  2. Lolilo says:

    11:28. Dev: “You need to calm down.”
    Kier: **Starts screaming**
    Perfect timing 👌🏻

  3. Krixwell says:

    Love that Kier, upon gaining access to the single-use console trick, does not use its ability to give him an instant win, instead responding to good sportsmanship (Dev restraining himself to one command and eventually giving Kier the recipe) with good sportsmanship and using it to give himself an advantage in an otherwise fair end fight.

    • Red Hulk says:

      @Mr. Night yeah but he could have /cleared or put him in adventure mode or something like that.

    • Smitology says:

      @Mr. Night I suppose that similarly Dev cannot give himself creative in order to get portal frames and eyes, enter the end, then use the console to kill all entities of type enderdragon right

    • Mr. Night says:

      Read the room, bro. Way too formal.

      And also, Kier said not to use the /kill command. It was agreed upon, because it wouldn’t be entertaining. Content is the aim of the game.

      Og sov godt, Nordmand.

  4. Floppel says:

    Don’t forget to clear your search history afterwards Dev…

  5. YelloWool says:

    I’ll be disappointed if you don’t watch one of your videos.

  6. Superking 100 says:

    The fact that Dev ordered food Kier actually liked was really wholesome!

  7. Kazuma Tsubasa says:

    Ah yes another Kier and Dev video. LETS GO!

  8. Gaming Life be like says:

    you guys are one of my favorite YouTubers. next twist should be a robot helps the runner. also Dev is taller than Kier

  9. YosiahW says:

    When you gave Kier food you reminded him that food could be a great play. You put your foot in your own grave, all he did was give you a push.

  10. Doctor_How? says:

    Loved the ordering food kill. It inspires a Minecraft Manhunt, but you can only kill them with kindness concept.

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