Minecraft Manhunt, But We Create Our Own Twists…

Minecraft Manhunt, But We Create Our Own Twists…

Minecraft Manhunt, But We Create Our Own twists…


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43 Responses

  1. YelloWool says:

    Watch Boosfer make the dumbest twist.

  2. Wolf401 says:

    i’d enjoy seeing this on repeat, seeing how everyone can make this stuff work better and better, though i think leaving it as “only the first page of the book will be counted” should be a way to balance it out for everyone

  3. Tesla Gasoline says:

    I love these kinds of concepts, and always love watching your guys’ creative ideas!! Fills a.. recent void. Thank you, we all appreciate the content 🙂

  4. Salem Kier says:

    I love how Dev and Boosfer are sabotaging each other with their twists more than Kier is sabotaging them with his twists

  5. Sanguiris says:

    This may be the twist to end them all, would probably deserve more tries

  6. Reuben Parnell says:

    Who knew they were so creative? Some of these twists were actually genius

  7. ภยՇєɭﻮค๓є says:

    This is such a good idea ! I would love to see more episodes of that !

  8. missingno miner says:

    It seems shortsighted to make a weapon that quickly spawns in tons of wardens and not make it so that you’re immune to the darkness effect and wardens are passive to you…

  9. Kyrin says:

    I love how Boosfer became an immortal who could teleport and utterly destroy the end and Dev was just killing sheep.

  10. MinecraftMan777 says:

    One of the most entertaining channels on YouTube, back again.

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