Minecraft Manhunt, But You Can Combine Anything…

Minecraft Manhunt, But You Can Combine Anything…

Minecraft Manhunt, But You Can Combine Anything…

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37 Responses

  1. cobble880 says:

    I was honestly really sad that dev didn’t use it in the Ai twist, so this honestly makes me extremely happy to see them use this in a separate video

  2. Shaunsstuff says:

    Kier and Dev really know how to keep manhunts alive

  3. Rare says:

    As a early bird it is my duty to do a dev death counter (DDC).
    1:24 Shot by Arrow.
    3:00 Dev being blind 100%.
    4:37 Keir outplaying Dev.
    8:32 Kier OUTPLAYED Dev hard.
    12:22 Dev missing his clutch
    Total deaths: 5

  4. Clashbash says:

    Kier- has been doing manhunts for over a year.

    Also Kier- Wait, full bright isn’t cheating???

    • Lost Woods Synth says:

      Dynamic lighting is much better

    • Samstercraft says:

      @SiD minecraft is a game about playing the game how you want to play it. saying play the game normally is quite silly

    • Bufu says:

      I honestly think not being able to see in certain places without items like torches make the game more challenging

    • 1ace1000 says:

      Admittedly, I don’t use fullbright either, mostly because I never thought to bother with it till I got into viewer manhunts with Qndres. Now I’m just like… Beginning to consider it.

    • METAL-MASON says:

      ​@King Derper DANG BRO U PUT IT TO 10,000 that’s small. I put it to 29,850 sometimes but mostly 26,500

      My highest is 29,960

      Lowest is 9,500

      I accidentally pressed dislike on my comment 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. DemoTear says:

    tbh, i really want this one public, it seems fun and unique. all the different combinations.

  6. Blazer 007 says:

    That ending was funny, but we absolutely NEED a rematch this twist is simply amazing

  7. Aditya says:

    Can we have a part 2 please? This is just too entertaining, needs to be a series.

  8. Kendall Warner says:

    I honestly feel like this is just be of the best twists you guys have ever done. You could do like 8 videos with and probably not show off everything this mod can do.

  9. KettouRyuujin says:

    …so question. Can we have a rematch, with Kier and Dev vs. people who don’t know this twist?

  10. H Best says:

    I always enjoy it when both of you are together. I mean adding more hunters once in a while is fun change but I definitely enjoy it when its only you two!

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