Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents

Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents

Mobs have Parents and this is what they’re like! haha they’re so funny, I wish Minecraft mobs were my parents.

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Today we’re checking out what these NEW Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents are like! Each of the mobs have new items to test out. Let us know in the comments below which was your favorite part!

Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents

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23 Responses

  1. Lloyd Garmadon says:

    Another amazing video!

  2. Tequila Goddess says:

    The ice ball is so cool!!! It lets you travel with it as a block in AI vision!!!

  3. Xtreme neon says:

    This is wholesome, but I do wanna say, add a mod detail that makes it so there’s a god potato

  4. Revivedpandaplayz says:

    This is the cutest video you have made ever it’s amazing

  5. 07 Hans Christopher T. Dumlao says:

    Hey Tyler, can you make these cool things that you make into Mods? I love these vids!

  6. Alina Alcazar says:

    The zombies son is so cute when he is on the dad’s head it is so cute and funny

  7. Triviatòrmentor says:

    Everytime Tyler uploads a new vid
    I can’t sleep until it it’s finish

  8. Jaronht says:

    Luckily most is even in the game it’s so fun to mess around with

  9. HeyItzBlare says:

    The parents was so attached to teaching they’re young they don’t get hurt by sunlight

  10. Ultra gamer says:

    12:00 imagine using a zombie head for catch

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