Minecraft NOOB to PRO in 100 DAYS

Minecraft NOOB to PRO in 100 DAYS

What is up, I’m Chad Wild Clay. My dream is to go from Minecraft NOOB to PRO after 100 days in Minecraft. I’m stuck in my house recovering from spine surgery and I’ve missed hanging out with you Spy Ninjas so I figured a Minecraft challenge is the best way to have fun with you all.

Today is my first day of learning how to play Minecraft and the goal is survival of my first night. I need to learn how to build a Minecraft house. Maybe I need to watch a YouTube minecraft house tutorial. Then I’ll need to figure out how to put a bed in the house and sleep my first night. Hopefully, I can survive without running into any creepers, hackers, or zombies.

If I become a true Minecraft Pro, maybe I can play with one of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers. Here are some of fun Minecraft gameplay:

PrestonPlayz – Minecraft Myths You Shouldn’t Watch at Night…

Cash – Cash Has A GOLD TOUCH In Minecraft!

Aphmau – Playing Minecraft as an UNHELPFUL Hamster!

Nico – Nico vs Cash MILLIONAIRE House Battle in Minecraft!

GEVidsTV – NOOB vs HACKER: I Cheated In a BOXY BOO Build Challenge!

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27 Responses

  1. CWC Minecraft says:

    Wow, you found my new Minecraft channel already!? Let’s see if I can go from NOOB to PRO! If you have any tips to help me, comment below! This is going to be fun!

  2. Chad Wild Clay says:

    Hi Everybody! Yes, this is my real channel. I’m gonna go from NOOB to PRO with your help!

    • Natalie Le says:

      Hi I am a huge fan since I like your videos

    • Jaycee Gillette says:

      Hi Chad I am a very big fan of you and you are really good at Minecraft and I just subscribe to your Minecraft channel I hope you feel better soon and tell Daniel and vy I said hi❤🎉😊

    • Jaycee Gillette says:

      Hi chad I really love your videos and I really like this one too I hope you feel better Chad me and my sister are a big fan and I subscribe to your Minecraft channel❤ fell better❤🎉😊

    • Calex Vlog TV says:

      Hello Chad I am a big fan of you every sense in 2021 I seen you in a YouTube video before I really liked it and I am your biggest fan

    • IZZY says:

      Chad your the best you always entertain me even tho your in bed

  3. Nikki the Undertale Gal says:

    Holy moley! I didn’t expect you to become a Minecraft YouTuber while recovering! This is like 2 good things in one day! (At least, for me since I just found this video. Lol.) But, I’m happy to see that you’re still showing positive vibes, and you’re recovering well! Keep on pushing through Chad, you got this! 💖💖✨✨ (Also, a quick tip from me since I play Minecraft. I don’t know if anyone told you this already but, if you find a village anywhere and you have some good items, you can trade with the villagers to get better items. Hope that helps!)

    • Mason on the mound says:

      @CWC Minecraft hi Chad I hope you recover soon😢 Also Chad try mining underground 😊 I hope it helps you ❤ keep getting better bye Chad AND Vy

    • Mason Wagner says:

      Hi @CWCminecraft100days I love your videos

    • Aaliyah Sandoval says:

      Omg chad.can you reply to me that will make my day I always wanted to met you and I want to play whit you what’s the name of the Minecraft

    • kieran_playz says:

      Umm what you could do is get some stone with a wood pickaxe then make a stone one then an. Iron one and when you can make some iron armour you could get some diamond stuff

    • Shifat Ali says:

      @save planet earth it is in the end

  4. TheLockYT says:

    Great job Chad, hope you feel better, have fun on your Minecraft journey!

  5. Destroyer270 says:

    hey man, i hope that the recovery is going well and the theme park . tip: you need to make a crafting table and create a pickaxe to mine stone

  6. Truthful Drift says:

    Hi Chad, I didin’t know you have a Minecraft channel. I hope you recover soon.

  7. Laki plays says:

    Lets all appreciate how Chad is doing his very best to keep uploading and entertaining us ❤️hope u get well

  8. Max and Luna says:

    hey chad, it’s great to hear you’re recovering! i recommend using an axe to chop the trees down, when you make an axe using a crafting table you need 2 sticks and 3 blocks of stone. keep up the good work!

  9. GrinderGuy says:

    Chad your so positive and strong! Thanks for all your hard work and great content! I hope you get better soon!

  10. Ava Payne 🇮🇪 says:

    Chad!!! I’ve been watching your channel since 2016!! You are such a great and positive inspiration!! I’m terrible at minecraft, so I don’t really have any tips, lol but your videos always make my day and I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing!! And I hope you recover quickly!! You’re such a special person to many people across the globe!! And I hope Vy is okay too! Because she is so amazing and special too! And Hope she had a great birthday!! Love You Guys

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