Today, we’re going head-to-head in a staircase building competition! The goal is to create the toughest, most difficult staircase into the sky! Who’s staircase was your favorite?

We hope you enjoy our videos! Have a great day!

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11 Responses

  1. Ferdous jahan Laiju says:

    Level 4 lava path
    Everyone:”its easy”
    Me:”just walk across the side”

  2. yemima gaming (road to 400) says:

    Woah i hope you get on 2m subs Maizen! :0

  3. Michelle Manrique says:

    Hi jj and mikey your video is so full of adventure i am your number 1 fun i subscribe your channel keep safe and healthy thanks

  4. Ghanem Alfalasi says:

    when you hear his voice you think its a kids youtube video but its acctually useful

  5. Nisha Caprihan says:

    great vid buddy but i have a question it is that is your friend mikey a real person or he is imaginary

  6. Crystalinewings Custom Sewing says:

    To skip the building part press this 24:50

  7. Nugget says:

    MAIZEN IS SUPER LIT THEY ARE SO LIT 99% OF MY FRIENDS KNOW U GUYS im mean thats not suprising but whys jj so smart he like x=y 10000% of earth has water

  8. TA[P] Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me! says:

    As always AMAZING WORK!
    I love the fact that you always put so much effort in these AWESOME videos
    As ur biggest fan I can’t help myself from watching this!
    Both of your imaginations are incredible, keep up the good work Mikey and JJ.🥰

  9. hendri susetio says:

    My Way to Heaven:
    First i have Quartz Stairs
    Level 1:
    All the things you need:
    • Quartz
    • Slime
    • Magma
    • TNT
    • Lever
    • Iron Bars
    • Wood (52)
    • Zombie Egg (12)
    • Chest

    Level 2: Run Away From The Wither

    • Quartz
    • Netherite Armor
    • Netherite Axe

    Level 3: The Boss (The Horde of Zombies)

    All you need:

    • Diamond Sword
    • Diamond Armor

    Level 4: Heaven

    Level 5: JUST KIDDING

    Level 6: Hell

    Level 7: You are trapped in Magma

    Level 8: DIE!

  10. Vieba23 says:

    I got a Minecraft ad when I found this-

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