Minecraft Panda #Shorts

Minecraft Panda #Shorts

Minecraft Panda. #minecraft

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49 Responses

  1. Naruto Kurama says:

    My man said 360 when he only did a 180 I think his trigams can’t go past that so he ain’t neji

  2. P a b l o 破損 says:

    This is what happend with that kid that try to be funny always.

  3. Nicht Erinnert says:

    Interesting that chest shares the model of the ender chest when it was conceptualized

  4. Great Jagras says:

    What was the purpose of this? Brothers, my head is beginning to hurt. I must rest now.

  5. james Beint says:

    Things wrong about this vid: first of all he is in creative why is he playing safe, second of all he turned on the oven for what reason he didn’t even take anything out and third but not least he didn’t even do a 360

  6. caden likes scrambled eggs says:

    Imagine having that slime block when you are just in creative

  7. lordkanter says:

    the worlds most insightful commentary ever

  8. Jahnove Georges says:

    Imagine hearing this eveytime you do anything in Minecraft, it would be awful

  9. Thomas Changrattanachaichok says:

    I was going to make a joke about him acting like a caveman but he probably can’t read

  10. BJC T says:

    What do we gain from this?
    Entertainment: no
    Information: no
    Faith in humanity: no
    Basic understanding of angles: no
    A brain tumour: yes

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