Minecraft UHC but you can craft “Among Us” armor..

Minecraft UHC but you can craft “Among Us” armor..

so i played a Minecraft UHC but you can craft “Among Us” armor.. this was kinda sus.. 🤔

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33 Responses

  1. Disguised Weeb says:

    Ok I’m early for once, and u know who’s sus, those 69 percentage of ppl that’s not subscribed!

  2. June YT says:

    “Everywhere I go I see his Face”

  3. Jadah Freeman says:

    I love how he was having so much fun he didn’t realize he killed everyone!!!

  4. James Neylon says:

    Me:ima kill this man in elec. The crewmates: ladies and gentlemen, we got’em. Btw congrats on 2 million!

  5. LinusStudios says:

    Among us sus!

  6. qwerty mcnugget says:

    his ideas went out the back door-

  7. ItzMe Phil says:


    Me: When Kiingtong is Sus

  8. Iammoocle says:

    Alternate title: “Minecraft UHC but i can one shot everybody and teleport to random players”

  9. Unknown Person-_- says:

    Kiingtong: Everybody will be able to get infinant diamonds
    Also Kiingtong: Hey lets jump in this pool of lava and record another UHC
    Also Also Kiingtong: We can get the sus armor so we can be the Impoooooooooster

  10. black playz says:

    Me: Make leather armor stronger than neatherite

    Everyone: whattt are u crazy???

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