Minecraft UHC but you can craft “Multi Armor”..

Minecraft UHC but you can craft “Multi Armor”..

so i played a Minecraft UHC but you can craft Multi Armor.. this is insanity.. 🤯

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41 Responses

  1. Kiingtong says:


    One Block Hardcore returns *THIS WEEK!!* If you’re excited, like this video and leave a comment letting me know you’re hyped 🤩 I’m so excited to show you guys our island 🔥📈

  2. ZombieKing 15 says:

    KIINGTONG, yes, the one block, that series has still been going or is being resumed?

  3. Kyle Hutchinson says:

    Will: “imagine if minecraft caves were all like this”
    1.17 caves: Am I a joke to you?

  4. Space Catt says:

    Me: Sorts by newest first

    Litterally everyone: MuLTi aRMoR

  5. Nerd says:

    I think the cave at the start is the cave YouTubers go when they “mine a little off camera”

  6. Zahran psb says:

    Is the encanting right when it crushes the iron, the iron immediately becomes iron that has been cooked or encanting

  7. •Sᴛᴀʀxɪɪ Aɴᴜ• says:

    Me watching this every time he does something: tf-

  8. The Mysterious Frog says:

    Alternate title: 3 weeks ago when the snapshots had LOTS of diamonds

  9. Ryan Jagpal says:

    *_imagine if all minecraft were diamonds everywhere_*

    1.17: Whomst has awoken the ancient one

  10. Deltaking7879 says:

    Imagine – playing netherite apple uhc with this armour

  11. Tori Lee says:

    Kiingtong: finds mineshaft every game

    Me: Finds Dud Cave in every game

  12. SpecLittleStormy says:

    Every time he said diamonds, I think of that meme where the kid goes DIAMONDS OHHHHHH

  13. ???????? says:

    He should make a texture pack that make the ores look like his

  14. Astro Plays says:

    1:27 I like how in the chat “astro_the_dog” says “I just found a 19 vein of diamonds

  15. taylor webber says:

    The shaggy seeder lily hurry because bobcat peripherally wave outside a demonic dictionary. holistic, sparkling jewel

  16. CosmicWalrus says:

    People when they see kiingtong before pvp: kalm
    People when they see kiingtong after pvp: p a n i k

  17. The CARE of Sands Family Sands says:

    You should do notch potatoes and carrots with special effects when ever spawns with 5 gold blocks

  18. Vlogz Boi says:

    Wadzee with the diamond beacon video “I needed this luck” me sorry none for you

  19. Mytube 604 says:

    Minecraft but when you fly kill you Minecraft: .

  20. Jackie Moyers says:

    Special armor suit

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