Minecraft vs $7000 Apple Mac Studio

Minecraft vs $7000 Apple Mac Studio

In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft, I put my new Max Spec M1 Ultra Apple Mac Studio that cost $7000 to the test, with Minecraft. Can you play Minecraft on a Mac? I guess this is the ultimate answer to that question. This M1 Ultra Mac Studio with 20 cores and 64 GPU cores gets tested with Minecraft Single Player worlds, Minecraft TNT explosions and even gets trialed on the Hermitcraft server.

I’m not just a Minecraft YouTuber. I’m a filmmaker who works on commercials, narrative and documentaries. I also love to travel, and be out in remote places to shoot photos, hike and explore.
I wanted a desktop powerhouse that could fit into a single flight case and be transported to any location in the world, allowing me to live and work wherever I want.

The system needed to:
1. Run Minecraft at a good enough level to record videos
2. Handle colour graded cinema camera files, and edit with them no dropped frames.
3. Have a large number of high speed I/O ports to deal with multiple large data transfers at once.
4. Be silent for recording audio in potentially small places (This is what ruled out most gaming laptops!)
5. Fit in a flight case, with the system, display, and flight case combination weighing under 20KG to be within the weight allowance for checked luggage on flights.
6. Be durable enough to be thrown on a plane, in the back of a van, in my backpack.

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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43 Responses

  1. crackedmagnet says:

    For anyone running Minecraft Java on an M1 Mac, it’s a good idea to switch the jvm out for an arm native one (like Zulu). It ends up being about 20% faster because it doesn’t need to run through rosetta. I’m going to assume Mumbo did that (along with adjusting the heap size), but thought I’d mention it for everyone else.

    • Adam Schubert says:

      @Tuhkis’ CGI Bin Well that is Apple, reveng is only option how to “get” something from them 😀 (Funny thing is that this has only positive effect for Apple, since it extends number of possible buyers without any responsibility. Like i’m waiting for Asahi Linux stuff get into mainline kernel and then i probably gonna get some ARM mac to replace my old laptop…)

    • Tuhkis' CGI Bin says:

      @Adam Schubert thst is correct. If I recall (a few months ago) macos performed slightly better in most cases than Asahi. It would be easier if they wouldn’t have reverse-engineer everything.

    • Adam Schubert says:

      @Tuhkis’ CGI Bin it should be in usable state now, not perfect but usable 😀 I think it could be interesting content to run and compare MC on it

    • Sebastian Martinez Leconte says:

      1.19 was made native to M1 (but yes for other versions Zulu is the right option)

    • MHossein says:

      @Cake Lord LunarClient is the easiest way for versions older than 1.19

  2. Technotom says:

    If you haven’t already. Make sure you install sodium, lithium, starlight, and other performance mods for long-term. Starlight basically removes lighting update lag so those flying machines won’t be an issue. The fabulously optimised modpack is a great option that contains all of those mods and a fair few others that will definitely improve your performance hugely.

  3. KtheVeg says:

    Please keep in mind that the number of cores you have doesn’t really matter with Minecraft. It’s a single-threaded game so it doesn’t take advantage of the extra cores. The only time extra cores would help would be to offset the load from the operating system and other programs. Lots of RAM is good for loading large amounts of chunks or for having less breaks between garbage collection (where you may get significant frame drops every few seconds). Just in case you’re wondering why you’re not getting the larger frames that you had in mind

  4. EverythingIsScience says:

    The reason this computer survived the sand world when others failed before is that the render distance in this video seems to be a lot smaller than usual. Like half the screen was sometimes just the blank blue of unrendered chucks.

  5. Brickmasterhunt says:

    I strongly recommend using the fabric mod alternatives to optifine as they work just as well and give you a huge performance boost, especially with how you did the flying machine test, a fabric mod called starlight could probably make the thing actually playable.

    • SnowyRedstone says:

      Also use native arm instead of normal minecraft as that would be ran through rossetta and is quit slow. I have M1 Pro with native arm I can run complementary shaders at 60 fps in 1.19.2 with a sodium but with normal minecraft I can only get about 20 fps

    • Gilad Barlev says:

      There’s also the fact that Optifine takes forever to update to the latest versions of the game (despite the Java developers posting pre-releases and release candidates weeks in advance) whereas the CaffeineMC stack (Sodium/Lithium/Phosphor) is pretty much always available at launch.

      Frustratingly, a lot of Optifine alternatives for Fabric (Continuity, Colormatic) are still not available for 1.19.3… because they need to wait for Optifine to release so they can guarantee compatibility!

    • Autumn Meadow says:

      ​@MC_BOMB_27 yeah like @ahmed4363 said, he just does not know about these alternative and better options

    • ahmed4363 says:

      @MC_BOMB_27 he was using Optifine

    • MC_BOMB_27 says:

      I think Mumbo uses all those 3rd party tools normally, he was just testing out his Mac capabilities with basic Java, on a normal pc without those 3rd party modifications l, java is pretty much unplayable lmao

  6. BritishWeirdo says:

    I swear Mumbo just buys himself a new PC every year to see if it can handle Minecraft at ridiculous scales

  7. CalcWIZ 16 says:

    I’m not sure if Minecraft does this by default now but when I first got my m1 MacBook and stress tested it with Minecraft, I found it was running through Rosetta (Apple’s emulation layer for x86 programs) so I downloaded an arm version of Java and launched it in a special way using MultiMC to get it to run natively. That drastically improved the performance

    • Autumn Meadow says:

      yep! I presume you did the whole thing about customising the LWJGL version and stuff too? prism launcher (fork of multimc) now kinda Just Works for LWJGL if you just give it a native JDK without needing to finess with that stuff

  8. AMDKilla says:

    Try the massive TNT world again when 1.20 comes out. I remember X saying something about them decoupling the physics from the main thread so entities shouldn’t cause as much lag. You can also increase the amount of RAM that is allocated to minecraft in the launcher

    • Tanzil Chowdhury says:

      The max ram you should have allocated to mc is like 4 or 8 gb as past that the game will run slower as java will be more resource intensive

  9. Simon says:

    First time Mumbo mentioned Hermitcraft in a long time, as many other fans, I do miss it a lot, so I would really appreciate an update on what your plan is going forward, (regardless what you say!) Of course, you don’t owe us one, but we are here for you when you decide you’re ready! ❤️

    • arwen1ish says:

      @seymour47  that’s hardly fair if you had watched any of iskall’s later hermitcraft videos you could probably guess why he’s stepped back from it. People were toxic in his comment sections and he took it to heart. Why would you want to do something where people made you feel terrible for having fun? Which is btw what was happening to him.

    • seymour47 says:

      @StarChild I would say they are at best the halfway point. Decked Out isn’t done. Beef’s game was just completed. They just finished their colab with the Empires crew. All of that coinciding with the holiday break makes for an obvious halfway point break. I expect things to ramp back up in the next few weeks. Iskall certainly won’t be back, probably ever. He’s too obsessed with his money hungry modpack and Mumbo is just too burnt out. I don’t think he’ll ever return for a full season.

    • Groovelessons says:

      @StarChild jevin mentioned that it´s half season

    • Brittany says:

      @StarChildI mean you say that but grians base isn’t close to done… or scars… or tangos… so I don’t think it’s close

    • StarChild says:

      I think this season is coming to an end soon with everyone seeming to wind down so possibly Mumbo will join at the start of next season if he wants to. Maybe he’ll visit hermitcraft for a finale episode but I wouldn’t expect any plans for him to return this season

  10. turbojax07 says:

    To break the game, try doing more layers of sand, crank up simulation and render distance (simulation distance might not exist on that version.), and put it higher up on the y axis so it doesn’t get destroyed immediately.

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