Minecraft: Working Cell Phone w/ Web Browser and Video Calling

Minecraft: Working Cell Phone w/ Web Browser and Video Calling

Verizon created a cell phone in Minecraft that can browse the web and do calls and it’s super awesome.
The project code: http://verizoncraft.github.io
This video is sponsored by Verizon.

Seth: https://www.youtube.com/user/sethbling

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20 Responses

  1. shoopnooop says:

    the video call is still better than gameboy camera

  2. charles lelenad says:

    omg what if they cuppled this with micro blocks… u woudl get 8* the
    resulotion if they can overlap them correctly… that woudl be a amazeing

  3. DrInoob says:

    CaptainSparklz : ‘Why don’t we go ahead and load something you might be
    familiar with’

    Me : ‘Wow, Jordans gonna load You porn on youtube?’

    *opens own channel*

    /me so disappointed ;(

  4. Cyrus says:

    When will I be that minecraft just says no to one of these bloody epic

  5. kordy reach says:


  6. Danil Polunin says:


  7. Jesse Robbins says:

    Ok seriously this stuff is just insane now i thought the idea of a computer
    in minecraft was nuts but now messaging video calls and browser mind blown

  8. niki nikii says:

    Talking to yourself is gonna become a thing. Im calling it.

  9. kamealex says:

    Mind blown.

  10. manbolo2 says:

    omfg, im laughing my ass off here, because its so freaking awesome!!!

  11. Toulis GR says:


  12. xGabeREALx says:

    Gosh, this is soooo mind blowing, i cannot comprehend this at all :D

  13. RayGun 110 says:


  14. MarvelSHS says:

    People… the future is here

  15. Im Rexii says:

    we need to be careful we might open unwanted dimensions…

  16. RSpudieD says:


  17. Eskimo1313 says:

    they should make the screen 1920×1080 blocks in the game and see how it

  18. DragoNisGames says:

    can i call u CaptainSparklez :/

  19. Mk B says:

    Mom – “What are you doing?!?!”
    9 year old- ” Playing minecraft…”
    Mom – ” Oh..ok”
    Little did she know he was looking at bondage.

  20. Jeroen Spaans says:

    When you realize that this game all started so easy