Minneapolis Mayor emotional after man dies while being restrained by officer

Minneapolis Mayor emotional after man dies while being restrained by officer

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was emotional he he described his reaction to a video clip showing a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of a man who later died. https://www.kare11.com/article/news/crime/minneapolis-police-man-dies-in-police-custody/89-cfb7925a-4aa4-4f88-bf64-76d346b0e55f

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49 Responses

  1. Big Hatter says:

    6 months from now…”we’ve investigated ourselves and have found no violation of policy”

  2. Ron Heusen says:

    this should be treated as an eye for an eye . GET THIS GARBAGE COP OUT OF EVERY ONES LIFE11

    • kirk mitchell says:


    • Ron Heusen says:

      Just think he’s not the only bad cop out there. AND bad partner, they stick together ( blue glue )

  3. John I says:

    “Hell is empty and all the devils are here!”

    • Charlotte carlos says:

      I think you are right:(

    • Marcell Gautier says:

      John I bro this whole world is sick and the devil is taking control of everything and it’s just sick and everyone believe this and that and there not woke and I really hope your woke and prepared and not do stupid things in this world.

    • Aunt Nanny says:

      Marcell Gautier Kim clement had that prophecy time is ticking… only 2 more years of plenty

  4. Consig1iere says:

    Mayor Jacob Frey deserves an Oscar for his performance.

  5. Twan Burger says:

    He said “utterly messed up”…that’s genuine.

  6. Hakim R says:

    Don’t just cry, take action. Punish the 2 cops and set an example.

  7. CHAMPbastien says:

    the fact that he isnt calling it murder is outrageous

    • Brandon Collins says:

      He can’t. If he calls it murder then the lawyers for the cops can say it is prejudicial for a jury and can get the trial moved to a new location. They can also use it in the trial to try and sway the jury. He knows it’s murder. Anyone who has seen the video knows it. But public officials have to choose their words wisely.

    • Lucas Wheeler says:

      This would prejudice a trial and increase the chances of the offenders being found not guilty. This is 101 when commenting on an active investigation.

  8. Diecastman 18-24-64 says:

    “If you can talk you can breathe”.. Right??.. How long have we listened to these people justify their bullying and dangerous tactics?

  9. Enrique Senior says:

    His partner should also loose his job at least, He should have said something and stopped him.

  10. Kathy Davis says:

    He was on handcuffs, WHY would that officer be kneeling on the neck of a man in handcuffs???

  11. Clavers Odhiambo says:

    How do Americans still call themselves the greatest country on earth?

  12. The One says:

    What you witnessed was George being murdered by a white police officer as his knee presses on his neck cutting off his oxygen!
    Report the truth, IF you really feel all that bad….gheesh!

  13. whos_raz says:

    This man doesn’t sound or look genuine in any way shape or form

  14. Cast Iron says:

    I’ve been a cop in Minnesota for 25 years. I can tell you that this behavior is not consistent with anything I have ever seen in my career. I only speak for myself, but what I witnessed in the video was a clear homicide. And the asian officer standing next to the murderer just watched it happen. What in the world is going on in that department? We are the good guys for christ sake. That officer’s conduct was so far removed from any kind of training he received that the city and union should divorce him and make him pay for his own attorney. I, and every other good cop, hope they arrest that murderer.

    • Jim Jones says:

      You’re the old school brand of cop. You probably dreamt of being in since a child. This new breed choose the profession just to pay the bills so professionalism is out the window.

    • Lexy PoliticallyRYT says:

      Well said!

  15. marcelo pacio says:

    How old is this mayor?? He looks like a college sophomore.

  16. Wandering Footprints says:

    The officer had his knee on his neck for more than five minutes, Mayor Frey. It was well over 10 minutes!

  17. Tony M7000 says:

    “Some things will never change” Tupac Shakur.
    We as African Americans have always worn a mask, a covid 19 mask trying day and night to protect ourselves from this American Nightmare, with hope to one day see a vaccine for this virus called Racism😷. Stay strong my people, because we are the voice of God🙏🏿.

    • Cody Brox says:

      Voice of god? And you wonder why people are still racist. Also your black I’m white you want people to stop being racists pick your own people up and stop looking for a handout you calling yourselves African Americans insults the rest of America I’m white but you don’t hear me describing my race as German Swedish American.

  18. honeyglow says:

    Well mayor…..if you’re truly affected you know what you and the city must do……PRESS CHARGES to BOTH of those cowards!! I can’t believe they are still on paid leave!!🤬🤬

    • busninessman123 says:

      I thought they were fired already. Hopefully they are all charged with the murder of that man

    • honeyglow says:

      busninessman123 they were on paid leave but I recently just checked and they have now been fired👏🏼🙌🏼

  19. Jan-peter says:

    Died? Died? If a black man did this to a white man it was murder all over the news!!!

  20. Kevin D says:

    ok the fake crying yea yea…skip to the officer getting charged with murder?

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