Minneapolis Mayor Frey To County Attorney: Charge Arresting Officer In George Floyd’s Death

Minneapolis Mayor Frey To County Attorney: Charge Arresting Officer In George Floyd’s Death

As of yet, no arrests have been made, which Frey said inspired him to speak out Wednesday afternoon (19:21). WCCO 4 News – May 27, 2020

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62 Responses

  1. Troy Mention says:

    This guy looks like he is still in high school but I agree with everything he is saying. Good job young man

    • African GIANT says:

      @EastAfro Smh lol

    • Shoudday Cha says:

      @Chris Kirkpatrick Yeah. He’s an Democrat after all. He need the votes. He prey and feast on people like those above on the comment.

    • Nick Stanton says:

      Hopefully it becomes a trend, get the old slave master mentally heads out of office, let the new generation start running these cities

    • COLLECTOR30 says:

      Nick Stanton the new generation is full of idiots though….

    • Nick Stanton says:

      @Chris Kirkpatrick what mayor wouldn’t try to protect his city? Whether he’s pandering or not, the city demands justice or else. He would be a fool to turn a blind eye

  2. Collin Gold says:

    He’s actually a good mayor

  3. Ray Pajar says:

    I love this guy. He’s taking action. Pollies take note.

    • Anonymous Unknown says:

      Who knows he might be try to manipulate and distract people but the reality is no what we see,
      If George Floyd get Justice now we talk.
      Justice for black communities needed.


    The law is if someone dies in the commission of a felony the whole gang is to be charged with murder.

  5. yo-mama ex-boyfriend says:

    It was more than 5 minutes.. more like 8:20

  6. PrettyBrown Eyez says:

    Finally!! A leading official acting like a leader. Calling it out like it is: these “officers” killed a man in broad daylight for $20. 👏👏👏👏

  7. Lovenaturenaturally bu says:

    I wish everyone was honest and straightforward like this mayor.. may he be protected after this.

  8. Narium Williams says:


  9. City Farmer says:

    Seeing that officer with his knee on the mans neck while having his hands in pockets is abhorrent.

  10. Madcap Magician says:

    Is this a politician with ACTUAL integrity? Well, Damn!

    • Sid Vicious says:

      Roundfrenchcheesey I don’t think this was a racial killing at all. I’ve seen more white people killed by the police than black, but IF they’re black it’s somehow automatically racism. Makes no sense. Racism is kept alive by those who cry racism anytime a person of color is involved, as if there could not possibly be something more to that person then the color of their skin.
      Regardless, this is very fucked up & every officer on scene should be in prison.

    • Custom Made says:

      No integrity. This is a psyop and he is a player- a liar.

    • Icarus Airways says:

      What, no trial?

    • postman1782 says:

      @Custom Made You like conspiracy theories too?

    • AKBuilder762 says:

      He just wants votes.

  11. Wanjiru Wa Mwangi says:

    Prayers for the family from Kenya… God bless you Mayor..

  12. Rinaz - League of Legends says:

    Imagine you’re that cop,you go home, and your kid asks “daddy, what have you done as a police today?”

    Like they are thinking you’re a hero and then they see this video. I’m wondering how the 4 cops live with the crime that they did.

    • Dakota Hays says:

      I’m sure they are all carrying on business as usual except maybe 1 is a LITTLE nervous that he might get a tad bit more than a slap on the wrist.

    • Mom Vaz says:

      Yeah “Daddy why can’t he breathe?”
      Is what my 3yr old son asked when it came on the news can only imagine their kids questions

    • Aaron Patterson says:

      @Dakota Hays may want to read up a little they all have been fired.

    • Roger WilCo says:

      Imagine you’re an abortion provider, you go home and your kid asks “daddy, what have you done as a doctor today?” Like they are thinking you’re a hero saving peoples lives, and then in 10 years they learn that abortion providers kill defenseless little babies in their mothers belly. I’m wondering how abortion providers can live with the killings they do every day. Abortion today is not a crime only because a majority of 9 unelected judges got together in 1973 and decided that the depraved indifference and malice aforethought intent to kill a human being without lawful authority as it relates to unborn babies didn’t constitute murder. The Court got it wrong. “Thou shalt not kill”, some translations replace kill with commit murder.

  13. Sondra S says:

    The ones who stood by and allowed it as well, not rendering aid, must answer for their heinous acts.

    • Nate Hill says:

      Chris Kirkpatrick lol What?! How is this connected to women voting? You’re a nut!

    • My Cousin Skeeter says:

      @Nate Hill Shes talking about the other 3 cops that watched as this happened.

    • Strawberry Milk Subs says:

      @Nate Hill Not true. Something definitely could have been done then.
      A man’s death is not the best result.

    • Strawberry Milk Subs says:

      @Chris Kirkpatrick If you haven’t noticed she’s being logical.
      Watching the crime happen and also taking part in it (as the other person said there’s another video with all cops on the man) is also a crime and extremely irresponsible on the cops behalf.
      They should serve justice and their actions were clearly not doing so.
      Nothing emotional in questioning their terrible decisions.

    • Strawberry Milk Subs says:

      @Chris Kirkpatrick Also. Being sexist is not a trend anymore. Might wanna leave that behind.

  14. Isis Goodson says:

    If “GOOD MEN”, stand by and do nothing, they are not good men. They are COWARDS…

    • Mariana __ says:


    • Dinkle Bot says:

      That’s how I feel about every bystander that stood by on that street with their cameras in George Floyd’s face

    • Ivo Alexandre Colaço Monzelo says:


      The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
      Martin Luther King, Jr.



    • EGGS says:


    • BlueHeadLizard says:

      I think you use this quote out of context. It is not about an innocent random bystander facing armed men. Considering how violent and deranged these Policemen are, to hang around at all, film and complain is already brave.

      This quote applies firstly to to the Minneapolis justice system that has stood by and done nothing by not even arrested these policemen, and also to all of us who will now do nothing like stop paying taxes to protest taxes paid for such a violent Police force, not march at the next public protest, write letters, support the family with lawyer costs. etc..

  15. Romi Tee says:

    Amen Mayor🙌 praise God for this mayor you are a GEM❤ blessings from AUSTRALIA

  16. Bibi's awesome Life says:

    He called for his mother 😞😞😥😥🙁☹️ .. arrest all 4 of them ASAP !!

  17. Unleashmywealth says:

    “If you weren’t shopping in Minnesota last night, then you ain’t black!”
    -Joe Biden

  18. Mark Cullenane says:

    The other 3 should at least be charged with accessory to murder.

  19. Bobby Boy says:

    This mayor actually makes me feel like something will actually happen.

  20. John Riggins says:

    Don’t be against color, be against racism & hate towards whoever it’s intended for 🇺🇸✊🏿✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾

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