Miracle on 6 train today

Miracle on 6 train today

Poor woman trying to make a few dollars in train is stunned when you man comes up and asks her
How many roses she has. She answers 140 a dollar per rose. He gives her 140 and asks her to give them out on train. Unbelievable!!

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20 Responses

  1. Pac_is_Roberto _Duran says:

    140 dollars to definitely get into heaven.

  2. codeMonkey says:

    Now if she tries to sell more later, people will expect it to be free.
    Thanks a lot mister!

    I’ll see myself out.

  3. puffy231 says:

    omg he’s hot ;)

  4. blutarski says:

    We need more of this

  5. maymaylingling says:

    Such a simple act probably made this woman’s life so much easier, at least
    for a couple of days I imagine :)

  6. bonto says:

    Should have given her double to give them out.

  7. sailor gang or die says:

    why do americans cry for everything

  8. Jay Mun says:


  9. Daniel Kim says:

    On holidays, there is a lady that sits across the street from my work place
    to sell the holiday papers. One year on Christmas, a man pulled up beside
    her and handed her a $100 bill and told her to go home and enjoy the rest
    of the day with her family. She was so happy and in tears. +1 for humanity.

  10. TheEschwank02 says:

    its easy to be generous when you can afford it.

  11. Dodo says:

    for sure he have a RED ROOM OF PAIN

  12. mike misek says:

    That guy is a true gentleman.

  13. chefsu11715 says:

    Awww that’s very sweet

  14. Lauren Wolfe says:

    Beautiful moment. I’m sure this made her entire day and she will never
    forget this moment for the rest of her life 

  15. Keven Coronado says:

    that’s something I would do, glad to see it out there in the world!

  16. C Tepozan says:

    Damn. That guy is cool as fuck.

  17. Hagan McClellan says:

    Outstanding! We need to see more of this!

  18. Robert Skip Curran says:

    Lovely (in a manly way) fine young man.

  19. Viva Frei says:

    I love New York, and I love New Yorkers.

  20. MadDany says:

    Secretly, he works for the mafia. He just scored big from his latest job
    and was in a good mood at the time.

    Just like in the movies! :D