Miranda Sings Got Colleen Ballinger Fired from Disneyland

Miranda Sings Got Colleen Ballinger Fired from Disneyland

Colleen Ballinger tried to slip into her Miranda Sings character during Disneyland performances, but the Mouse House wasn’t into it.

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Miranda Sings Got Colleen Ballinger Fired from Disneyland

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20 Responses

  1. Madison Hayes says:

    she seemed so nervous

  2. Gordon Tan says:

    how is she suppose to stretch her arms…?

  3. Laura Garcia says:

    If you’re reading this, I hope you had a great day! You may continue
    scrolling! :D

  4. Tia Reynolds says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that dress is a bit awkward

  5. TheSimcraftFixion says:

    She’s a total different person without her lipstick! 😀 She’s so beautiful!

  6. Bryan Bagayas says:

    Sadness in her eyes. Tough times.

  7. Hexcalibre says:

    can someone tell me how this dress works?

  8. EJCOOLJ says:

    Anyone else super proud of Collen?

  9. Angelina M. Lee says:

    Colleen, if I sewed your dress and made it comfortable for you to wear, I
    would’ve done that the night before you showed up on Jimmy Fallon’s show.
    You look all uncomfortable in that gorgeous dress. It’s a bit awkward too.
    I wonder how you manage to find it okay to wear that dress….just curious.
    No hate :)

  10. TaiTai says:

    I like this part of her better… Can we have her instead?

  11. Travis says:

    I kept thinking her dress was going to fall…

  12. LuLu Boriqua says:

    Awe she looks kinda teary eyed like she was about to cry ? and her voice
    was cracking ?

  13. PaNdeM0niuM says:

    ive never seen her out of character. she is.really pretty

  14. MommiesGirl22 says:

    you can hear in her voice she’s nervous aww

  15. Lorenz Müller says:

    ya gotta eaat!!

  16. DyLemma says:

    How tf are you suppose to move your arms?? Anyways I love Colleen lmao

  17. Bevin St. Pierre says:

    My heart broke for her because she looked and sounded too upset to enjoy
    the show :(

  18. Kayla Benson says:

    Don’t like that dress lol

  19. Natasha Ahmed says:

    SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU COLLEEN ❤️❤️ you’ve come so far ?

  20. AGLover2222 says:

    I already finished Hater’s Back Off! yesterday: 10/14/16….i finished that