Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What’s Inside?

Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What’s Inside?

In this video I make a Japanese polished foil ball by using aluminum foil and pounding with a hammer and then polishing until it becomes a solid metal polished ball! These polished foil balls started with a Japanese jeweler who made one that appeared to have no purpose, but the nation became obsessed with it and everyone started making them! You can see what’s inside an aluminum foil ball when I crush it in my hydraulic press and see if the density increases or not.

This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results.

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    In my opinion your the best youtuber who does experiments| KEEP IT UP! | all the best.

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    wow way cool and welcome back hydrolic press!~ loved it

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    Woah I love your content already! First video and subbed 😁

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    Wow. Are you a scientist? You are so smart boi

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    I never thought that your channel would grow this fast. I remember subscribing when you only had 60,000 subscribers. Now I hope that you get to a million!

  9. Joshua Virzi says:

    It works quicker if you put in the microwave

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    Im guessing theres gonna be foil inside the foil ball

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