Miscellaneous Myths: Loki

Miscellaneous Myths: Loki

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I started researching this goddamn video in june of 2019. I was so young. So innocent. This video is a precious relic of The Before Times, and unlike those inconsiderate vikings, I went out of my way to take *actual notes!*

Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.

PARTIAL TRACKLIST: Starfall, Hall Of The Mountain King, Sky Becomes Water, Flight Of The Silverbird, Lacrimosa, Reign Of Vengeance, He Who Brings The Night

“Scheming Weasel” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Elevator” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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46 Responses

  1. Alice Hellman says:

    “*Arrested for fish crimes* and also murder” is absolutely fantastic

  2. Moonstar79 says:

    “Loki finds a half-burned heart, eats it, and becomes pregnant”

    Another Tuesday

  3. Evan L. Rodriguez says:

    Odin to Baldr’s Corpse: Bro, trust me, this will be totally worth it in a couple centuries.

  4. Richard Dominguez says:

    I’m putting my own belief into Loki’s inconsistent story: He occasionally summons himself a twirly villain mustache. He does this to confuse others, and to entertain himself

  5. Ludohistory says:

    ***STARTING NOW*** Hey everyone, Yellow here! This video has a bonus Companion Lecture on it – it’ll be on how to read Norse Mythology like a pro! It’ll be on my Twitch stream at 2pm CST, and will be uploaded to my channel here later! Hope to see you all there!

    • Airmanon says:

      @Srijan Umesh Cyan was mentioned in one or two of the OSP plays highlights videos. I think the first time Cyan showed up was in the Ghost of Tsushima highlights video and Yellow was mentioned in the Shadow of the Colossus Highlights video.

    • Irene SS says:

      @Airmanon There is more than blue, red, cyan and yellow. You guys need to watch more OSP livestreams, they have like 4 greens, 2 oranges (one being feeding america), indigo(editor) and probably others i cant remember.

    • Airmanon says:

      @Irene SS Thanks! I’ve been busy, but I’ll keep it in mind!

    • Allan Widner says:

      @Michael Berthelsen Considering Red’s relationship with the word “bolgia”, that would be just peeing in the ocean.

    • Withered Bonnie says:

      I’ll also be there maybe

  6. Moonstar79 says:

    I’m really starting to think that what Odin whispered in Baldr’s ear was “Lol got away with it”

  7. mini maddness says:

    Loki is just pure chaotic neutral
    Like I can imagine him in this scenario genuinely thinking its funny
    “I didn’t do it”
    “Then why are you laughing”
    “Cause whoever did it is a fucking genius”

    • Kevin Lassig says:

      Utgard-Loki: _Sike!_ You’ve been in an eating contest with a _wildfire_ this whole time!
      Loki: >:O
      Also Loki: Well played

    • Jonathan Smith says:

      @Kevin Lassig Loki: “Outstanding move.”

    • Michami says:

      Being a pure chaotic neutral may actually define who he is, the god of chaos. Random things happen all the time and can be good or bad, so people may prey to Loki for the chaos to end up good. Chaos can completely mess up the best plans. He may define why an act of god may not make sense. (“Loki’s playing his tricks on the gods again”)

    • I. Cs. Zámodits says:

      @Kevin Lassig I’m really sure that he at least expected something fishy. I mean. The “prize” was to feast with the giants, and he asked for an eating contest.

  8. Frank Sloe says:

    In Slavik folklore, there is an idea of “Domovoi” a mischievous house spirit. He protects the home, but also the reason things sometimes break or go missing, and he can really mess you up real bad if you pass him off, so it is a good idea to leave him some snacks now and again. He also frienquently described as a shape shifting fuss ball, often coverd in cobwebs and Ash, living under the house oven or deep inside it. Anyway, Loki to me seems like he is the Domovoi of Asgard. A mischievous protector spirit. Maybe the Loki from the mythology is just the big-boss Domovoi.

  9. Taryn Hite says:

    I feel like Blue is just sitting in the corner during the the history segment wanting to talk, and Red just keeps saying, ‘No. MY show.”

  10. So Phie says:

    Okay, that picture of him holding his children is legitimately adorable.

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