Misconceptions about Getting Sick – mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 11)

Misconceptions about Getting Sick – mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 11)

A weekly show where we debunk common misconceptions. This week, Elliott discusses some misconceptions about getting sick.

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20 Responses

  1. Breeski says:

    People who are like “I have a weak immune sysytem so thats why i get sick
    all the time” no… your unealthy habits makes you get sick all the time,
    stop trying to get attention by saying that

  2. Sebastián Muñoz says:

    I’d love to see an episode of misconceptions about love

  3. vpie647 says:

    Misconceptions about scientific theories!

  4. spiderpigdoh says:

    Lol i just got sick on the day of the video :S 

  5. WorldParticles says:

    Aww that was so cute 2:59-3:06.

  6. BradTheBS says:

    Whatever happened to misconceptions about psychology mentioned after the
    driving episode? I was looking forward to that episode since that is
    what I’m in college for XD A good one would be that a psychology degree is
    useless or can limit your jobs to counseling only. This was still a good
    episode as always though 🙂 Good show.

  7. rick charles says:

    I have Multiple Sclerosis so my white blood cells (that’s what fights bad
    things that infect your body) are idiots so they’ll attack the good things
    too. One year I bought the line “flu shots just makes us get the flu.” So I
    didn’t take the shot that year. Ended up getting the flu 4 times that year.
    With my MS getting the flu means hospital time. Spent SO much time in the
    hospital that year!
    Since then I get the shot every year. Haven’t been in since then. Well,
    there was 1 time but that was from falling onto my head so it doesn’t
    count.Take the shot!
    Also, keep your kids up with their shots too. Have a friend that swore she
    wouldn’t get shots for her kid. That’s the sickliest kid in town that
    nobody likes because those he brings every bug to school. AND don’t have
    your kid use that anti-germ goop on their hands constantly. They’ll not be
    able to develop their immune system which means they’ll be sick a lot.
    If you don’t want to do this, that’s ok too. Just remember me when you’re
    stuck taking a lot of time off caring for your sickly kid.

  8. Misostrate says:

    “Sweating-out” has less with sweat to do than with keeping a body
    temperature were immune system works optimally. That is why lowering a
    fever could prolong a sickness, at least first couple of days(but
    neccessary at extreme temperatures).

  9. Cronos Videography says:

    Idea for future episode: Misconceptions about Alcoholic Drinks

  10. zeedar412 says:

    Why does mental floss and Healthcare triage give different data? Heathcare
    triage said your immune system doesn’t get weakened by cold at all, in fact
    it might even make it stronger. You guys are in the same network, work it
    out, for god’s sake!!

  11. Officialhelpkenet says:

    When the swine flu was going on in Sweden, people got narcolepsy from the

  12. michael benzur says:

    in New Zealand even vaccinated people are more in danger from diseases
    because of the giant number of unvaccinated idiots. This is because you can
    get diseases if you’re vaccinated, but you have a much lower chance, so
    because of all of the sick ‘new age’ people you get sick more.

  13. Dennis Fluttershy says:

    I drink orange juice when I’m sick because that’s the only think I can
    drink. (0:47)
    Can’t eat or drink anything else… not exactly sure why… but it’s really

  14. forfluf says:

    Is the moon a star or a planet?

  15. Nick Horvath says:

    Lol @ the airborne ad right before the “vitamin c doesn’t help you from
    getting a cold” 

  16. Haseeba Syed says:

    Can you make a video about misconceptions about different continents? 

  17. TeamFlamingStones says:

    I don’t use Adblock because of creators and whatevergetonwithit, but
    recently, I’ve been getting the impression the in-vid ads are talking down
    to me… I mean, seriously, “Grammar checker”?!

  18. Reginald The Wizard says:

    Elliot dear boy, fantastic video as ever but I’m slightly disappointed by
    the sheer lack of psychology in this video. Which was promised at the end
    of the last video. Still quite fascinating. 

  19. David Kwiatkowski says:

    But a D-list “celebrity” told me that vaccines are bad!!!!!

  20. Trueskorn says:

    Could you post the links to the studies sited in this video?