Misconceptions about Hiccups- mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 45)

Misconceptions about Hiccups- mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 45)

A weekly show where we debunk common misconceptions. This week, Elliott discusses some misconceptions about getting rid of hiccups!

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20 Responses

  1. thegreendank1 says:

    Deep breath followed by about 15-20 seconds of holding my breath clears
    mine almost every time. But some people swear by drinking water upside down
    so i say if it works for you keep doing it.

  2. SSchraders says:

    A spoon full of peanut butter works for me every time!

  3. MyAwkwardAzn says:

    I always get them after drinking soda >.<

  4. largra says:

    When I was younger and had the hiccups, my dad would tell me that I would
    get an amount of money if I managed to hiccup e.g. 15 times in one minute..
    I would sit there and really focus on trying to “produce” a hiccup, but
    usually it would stop after one or two 😉 Don’t know how it worked, but it
    worked for me!

  5. DeltaPhi79 says:

    The breath holding one seems to work for me 99% of the time. Might be
    because I breathe in so much that nothing can move TO make me hiccup, but

  6. Jeff Craig says:

    All I know is holding my breath through at least a couple hiccups almost
    always does stop them.

  7. Aidan Skye says:

    I get hiccups very frequently if I eat something without having something
    to drink first (probably because my throat is dry) and having even a small
    sip of water stops them almost immediately, whereas when I don’t have
    something they continue for minutes. Its a very specific kind of hiccup
    (food induced), but in those situations, water definitely helps. Not
    because its making me hold my breath, but because it wets my throat; maybe
    it is psychosomatic, but the plenty of times I didn’t have a drink present
    my hiccups lasted considerably longer than the times I did have a drink.

  8. Jenny Sweeney says:

    I find breathing deeply and slowly for a bit helps mine, possibly a sip of
    water too :-)

  9. andersoncherub says:

    My speech coach would offer a dollar to us if we could hiccup again in 60
    secs. It usually worked to get rid of hiccups, even though it was
    psychosomatic. Taking a deep breath and continuing to suck in air in short
    bursts until I can’t anymore, holding it until I nearly pass out and slowly
    exhaling works for me.

  10. Craig Jensen says:

    A teaspoon full of sugar works every time for me…

  11. Xander van Dieten says:

    Glass of water upside down, e.g. bend over so that you drink via the
    ceiling of your mouth. Requires so much focus, stops hiccups for me 100% of
    the time.

  12. Willder phil says:

    The holding your breath, being scared, and drinking water quickly are all
    based on holding breath and I believe that they all work. You have to hold
    your breath deeply in your chest though not in your mouth.

  13. Arthur Kirkland says:

    I’ve heard that if you want to hiccup or try to, that usually stops them.
    My psych teacher told us a story once about a guy who, whenever he saw
    someone on the street with hiccups, would offer them a one hundred dollar
    bill if they can hiccup one more time, but he’s never had to give up the
    bill because no one ever hiccups again.

  14. Goldenkitten1 says:

    I combine chugging water with holding my breath. I wait for a hiccup to
    come, and then immediately chug as much water as I can manage and then hold
    my breath until I either hiccup (and repeat the process) or I can’t hold my
    breath anymore (at which point the hiccups are gone). I’ve done it my whole
    life and it instantly stops the hiccups every single time. I know that’s
    still anecdotal and needs to be properly researched, but considering this
    is how most of my family deals with it and it works almost immediately for
    every one of us you’d have a hard time convincing me it’s in our heads.

  15. Liz K says:

    Holding my breath always works, the trick is holding it long enough to
    interrupt the next diaphragm spasm. Also, very carbonated soda always gives
    me hiccups without fail.

  16. Gloworm Sparkle far says:

    Eliot is the best, I laughed so much … you’re all awesome

  17. Andrew McClennan says:

    I can stop myself from hiccuping with nothing. I just focus on the
    sensation you feel right before a hiccup and stop the involuntary movement.
    I’m like the James Bond of hiccups.

  18. Meadow Greene says:

    For me at least the way that has always cured my hiccups is to drink water
    while pulling my ears. It’s always stopped my hiccups.

  19. eVaniwithaV says:

    Drink water, hold it in your mouth, bend over, and swallow upside down =
    has gotten rid of my hiccups EVERY SINGLE TIME (learned it from my
    neighbor) Good luck all and great video!

  20. Spazman5190 says:

    TL;DW: breathe slower, slightly frightening fear, drown, suffocate slowly,
    sour taste (eat an Impact Confections Extreme Sour Warhead), prick
    yourself, lick a stick, hypnotize yourself, swallow a pill, find a way to
    deal with it for yourself.