i spent way too much time on this

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  1. PopcornOfficial says:

    If y’all are wondering why Daisy isn’t in battle league, she’s too busy jamming to Reeses puffs

  2. Unclaimed Username says:

    I like that this is actually on-brand for Luigi, who’s Negative Zone final smash is almost literally weaponized depression.

  3. A Brown says:

    Daisy singing the Resse’s Puffs portion of the colab was both incredibly predictable and wholeheartedly enjoyable

  4. Lennester says:

    Pringus you’ve done it again and in under 15 seconds

  5. Leo Dude says:

    can we just appreciate that Daisy is wearing trainers?

    she’s a princess, but she’s also a total tomboy and I love it!

  6. Masterxl MVs says:

    Daisy already having the color palette of a box of Reese’s Puffs makes this 100x better.

  7. 퍼런안경_BLAS says:

    Wow, I love it.

  8. WatIsExoticism says:

    So based on these songs: Luigi is miserable asf, Peach is a contender for the sin of lust, and Daisy is.. well Daisy, a true wildcard.

  9. AidenAtorX says:

    Daisy was always my favorite female mario character but your characterization of her makes her even better than any official Nintendo product she’s in. Your animation style is so expressive. Love it

  10. sarah lafleur says:

    This channel makes me love Daisy A LOT MORE with every video featuring her.

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