Missing a punch in ANY fight

Missing a punch in ANY fight

I’ve seen people knock themselves out from their own attack.

19 – Oddwin

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  1. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    Caleb’s facial expressions are killing me, these type of skits are comedy gold

  2. Seth W says:

    “He’s gonna hit me with the meanest whiff punish in human history”
    As a smash player this KILLED ME 💀

  3. Jorge Carbajal says:

    I love that we get to hear almost a minute of Caleb’s inner monologue during a moment that realistically would’ve only been a few seconds. It just makes his failed punch that much more hilarious.

    • AnPancake says:

      oh wow it’s almost as if that’s THE WHOLE JOKE

    • red panda says:

      @King K.D.M also to be fair that was a fight AND actual conversation. not jsut a straight up one sided monologue so i hardly think thats a fair example lol

    • red panda says:

      @King K.D.M ok see theres controversy about that cuz he SAID five minutes, but i dont think he actually meant five minutes. rather he didnt actually BELIEVE it was five minutes. because it sure as hell wasnt. and he wasnt even slightly suprised when it took longer than that. additionally theres the whole thing of him saying something to the effect of ” i didnt put enough power in that” when he initially struck. meaning he actually MEANT to blow it up right then. but it was denser than he thought and he misjudged. and being called out on that spurred him to pretend like he meant to do that and said five minutes. im not buying he actually thought it would be though.

    • King K.D.M says:

      @red panda five episodes is light I’ve seen 5 minutes last like 3 hours of stars Ight fighting and talking if you know you know

    • red panda says:

      @King K.D.M if ya wanna talk anime thats a whole different ballpark. monologues can last anywhere from five minutes to five episodes lol

  4. T says:

    I have literally never seen a skit done like this before. Caleb is so crazy creative and fresh every single time

  5. Green-Light Creations says:

    This man never fails to make me laugh 🤣

  6. CallMeJimPickens says:

    I can’t imagine how much effort Caleb put into dodging Caleb’s punch perfectly. If he were to be late by a few milliseconds, Caleb could’ve punched Caleb and Caleb would get hurt.

  7. Arion says:

    That description perfectly encapsulates how real I’ve gotten into portraying natural 1s in my campaigns.

    For context, I was running this DnD x MHA crossover thing, and one of the villains that infiltrated the main hero school really wanted to slap the other villain who was part of the infiltration team. Of course, I made him roll for it, and luck was just not on his side that day as he got a crit fail. I then proceeded to explain in detail how his character went about slapping himself in the face right before doing a 100% genuine self-slap… My glasses flew off and everything, it was hilarious and got the whole party laughing. I hit my peak that day, probably.

  8. Stephanie Joobern says:

    I like how much the one guy reads into the situation meanwhile the other one really doesn’t care that much.

    Truly a life lesson. Very insightful. Scholarly indeed.

  9. Joshua Xiong says:

    Caleb being a true gamer using the phrase “whiff punish.”

  10. Renn says:

    I love how after he missed he’s just suspended in motion, infinitely rotating while his inner monologue is just going along like nothing is happening.

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