Mission Control Live: NASA InSight Mars Landing

Mission Control Live: NASA InSight Mars Landing

Original air date: November 26, 2018 11 a.m. PT (2 p.m. ET)

See inside mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as signals return from the InSight mission as it lands on Mars. Landing commentary includes interviews with team members. https://mars.nasa.gov/insight

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83 Responses

  1. Peter Valoczi says:

    Thank you for using meters and not feet! Congrats on touchdown from Swe!

    • leneanderthalien says:

      for scientific use, only metric is allowed size 1990, but this was forgotten from Lookeed Martin during the mission Mars Orbiter in 1999= crash…

    • OffBlack says:

      Aa fan gött asså

    • Debbie Thompson says:

      Yes, here in the USA all science is done in the metric system. I really regret the day in 1968 when they decided not to complete the switch to the metric system.

    • Brandon Rox Box says:

      Simpler math. Not as accurate. More divisibility in 12ths than in 10ths. How many other countries have successfully landed on Mars? Zero

    • anonymous - says:

      +Brandon Rox Box Metric system is not as accurate as imperial?! You clearly don’t work with any technology and are poor in science. You probably never heard micro, nano, pico in your life. Your history knowledge is even worse – a number of countries have been successfully landing rovers on Mars since 1971. First Soviet Union, then US, Europe.

  2. Livin' to Learn says:


    • fran mlikota says:

      +LIN CF lol

    • 1001steve1001 says:


    • E Jones says:

      +Joel Rittenhouse the power of programming and indoctrination

    • Emrah Baskaya says:

      +P Sher Oh wow, a little too perfect for P Sher, you’re busted NASA. Can’t fool you can they?

      They are building upon years and years of space engineering on several vehicles before. Things could have gone wrong, it didn’t. Learn to deal with humanity’s achievements instead of pissing on hundreds of thousands of people’s culmination of hard work.

    • Blondie SL says:

      You idiots who think this is all fake are seriously nuts!

      How can you possibly believe that the Government would spend BILLIONS of dollars to fake something?

      What would be the point? What would be the reason?

      Your belief of this being fake is so unintelligent!

  3. Aditya Sood says:

    If you want the synopsis : 54:15

  4. Aditya Sood says:

    ♥️ That old guy probably his last mission, 54:40

  5. Angelo 23 says:

    Hey NASA, Don’t forget to look for Matt Damon while you’re out there.:)

  6. y altschuler says:

    Let’s see where our curiosity takes us.

    Wait, wrong mission. 😆

  7. Nerd Lingo says:

    These are the moments I love being a human

    • LORENA T says:

      The Guy from Saturn I meant they didn’t show us anything … Why not show the public the craft coming down and landing

    • jesse Y says:

      +LORENA T because they can’t? They were only receiving something like 8 Kb a second. And the only cameras around were on the lander itself which couldn’t send any pictures until it was on the ground (which it did).

      If you were annoyed with not being able to see what’s happening imagine working on this for years and only being able to know what happened based on status pings from the cube sats in orbit.
      And on top of it all the pings are 8 minutes late so it all happened several minutes ago and they only found out long after it happened.

      They’ll start showing pictures and data as it comes in over the next few weeks.

    • LORENA T says:

      jesse Y ok thanks for the info….
      But then what’s the big deal…. We’ll never see the real Mars even with this new craft…. Only the peons at NASA are privileged enough to really see what this Rover will send back
      I have no faith in this organization

    • M. B says:

      you have been deceived. it is fake. Research flat Earth

    • Charly 1304 says:

      +M. B flat earth belief is dead.

  8. ewetoo says:

    that was the best nerd fistbump dance ever 😀

  9. hapiman97 says:

    If only NASA had an equal budget to the military

  10. Havarow says:

    55:01 That moment 🤙🏼✋🏼🖖🏼👋🏼🤘🏼👌🏼✊🏼👊🏼✌🏼🙌🏼👐🏼

  11. zapfanzapfan says:

    Red shirts but no one died 🙂

  12. Tranefine says:

    Thanks for using metres and not feet here… but why, dear NASA, why using Fahrenheit and not Celsius? I‘m always confused 😐 😂😂

    • The Hølder says:

      +3ICE heres an wasy way to understand it for f.

      57° F is like medium. But 27 would be cold. And 12 would be freezing. Anything above 60 would be warm/hot.

    • Matthew Miller says:

      Tell your government to start a space program and send robots to other planets, then you can use whatever units you want. I’m sorry for the smartass remark, but every single video NASA puts out gets the same gripe. NASA is pushing the boundaries of mankind, and people just want to squabble and make snide remarks about units…

    • Dominic Victoria says:

      24:34 Don’t make him mad

    • ricshmitzUK says:

      0°c freezing, 100 boiling. Celsius makes sense.

    • Mag Seoud says:

      to go for change will mean costing more than insight and whole apollo mission

  13. John Doe says:

    “People are tuning in from museums and libraries”

    Me: Sitting at home eating Cheetos

  14. The Exoplanets Channel says:


  15. Quuezy says:

    I love the fact that mission like this one needs a lot of people of every kind, it just unites everyone for doing such a big thing.

  16. A J says:

    NASA~ Metric system
    Military ~ Metric system
    Everything else~ Inches Pounds Gallons

    Pls explain, Im from the Europe.

  17. MagixTouch says:

    They can get a photo from Mars and I cannot even get cell service inside my house.

  18. Joel Saleski says:

    So cool.
    Hope I’m alive when they land people there.

  19. Tanya Nguyen says:

    My close friend worked at NASA, on a project rleated to some telescope. His part was the deploy,mentioned of one small arm, to position the satalitw. If his calculations were off, the whole thing would be kaput. He was just one such cog.

    He explained to me that each burst of short claps, is usually one groups entire focus for so many years. Did the shoots reply, is the radar working, is the deceleration software working, etc. It’s so awesome to me that hundreds of thousands of peoples work is involved, each part could go wrong, and you are sitting there hoping, “yeah, success, but if it has to fail, may it be Sarah’s booboo, not mine!


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