Missy Elliott Performs ‘Get Ur Freak On’, ‘Lose Control’ & More | 2019 Video Music Awards

Missy Elliott Performs ‘Get Ur Freak On’, ‘Lose Control’ & More | 2019 Video Music Awards

Missy Elliott performs a medley of ‘The Rain’, ‘Hot Boyz’, ‘Get Ur Freak On’, ‘Work It’, ‘Pass That Dutch’, and ‘Lose Control’ at the 2019 Video Music Awards. If you missed Monday night’s big show, catch up on the 2019 VMAs On Demand now!

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Sebastian Maniscalco will host the event live from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, on Monday. There will be performances by Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Lil Nas X, Jonas Brothers, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Queen Latifah, Redman, Fetty Wap, Naughty by Nature, Wyclef Jean, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Rosalía, H.E.R. and A$AP Ferg, and Missy Elliott will receive the Video Vanguard Award.

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55 Responses

  1. Greek Sun says:

    I’m a little disappointed. This was her moment, she needed at least a 15 minute set and I was annoyed that they kept panning to the audience during her performance.

    • Tommy Coe says:

      @helliot666 its like a laugh track. People and home feel more inclined to get into the entertainment if the hear/see other people doing it.

    • Ty Silents says:

      @Manu Ginobili you missing the point meaning they was all races but for me seeing white people losein their mind d danceing was fun to see missy had everyone dance but to see the white people goin. Off like that to her music was dope to see the white audience respond like that was insane cuz usually they sitting down saying shit or not dancing

    • Taylor says:

      Ty Silents Have u seen many white people in yr life? ??‍♀️?

    • Jesus will Judge says:

      I wish she would have taken her hat off during her speech

    • kim anderson says:

      Manu Ginobili stfu!!!!!!!!!

  2. LostMyHeartOnTheCarousel says:

    “I raised all these babies, call me Katherine Jackson ” I STAN ??????

  3. Andréa Rago-Craft says:

    I was not ready and we are not worthy for all that is Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot

  4. Yaasmeen B says:

    I never comment on live performances and I always watch live perfomances but THIS was out of this world never seen a better performance. #SPEECHLESS

  5. Thegirlkeke says:

    when she brought Alyson outtttt, this performance was everything?

  6. Robocop says:

    Wowww, forget Justin Timberlake or Maroon 5. Missy for the Superbowl please

  7. Xevious vS. Blackmanta says:

    BANGERS! from the late 90’s till Now. Missy still is rap royalty. Never change Misdeameanor.

  8. pixiemimi20 says:

    Not sure anyone needed so many close ups (or any close ups at all) of Taylor Swift, Halsey, Gigi and Bella Hadid and whoever those other people were. Missy is known for her SICK VISUALS, therefore, the camera should have been on her throughout!

  9. Miss Tee says:

    im watching this at 7:00am. damn that woke my ass up frfr. who needs coffee.???

  10. Cristian Adrian says:

    VMA : how much money you want in invest in the performance?
    Missy : Yes

  11. Askia X says:

    How ppl been leaving missy off their top 5 female mc list for so long is beyond me..GOAT

    • Mr. Frazier says:

      Yo I was recently telling my lil bro about her and how she’s disrespected when it comes to the female GOAT conversation

    • TheFactsAccordingToGabbie1791 says:

      For real!! For the simple fact how she the only one who wrote songs for herself and OTHERS. Who else do and doing that?????????? didn’t matter she got a award for both things this year. Her writing skills and video creativity ideas.


    • Anthony Jackson says:

      She is not the GOAT

  12. Simone Findlay says:

    Am I the only one that cried watching this ??? I was sooo over whelmed and when she brought out ALLYSON ???

  13. Nightingale99 says:

    Kids this is what a real legendary artist looks like , sounds like , slayyyys like ..MISSY ELLIOT!!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!

  14. Deja Beauty says:

    I would have lost it if Ciara and tweet should have came out to sing they parts!!! Performance was FIRE ? I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS ?

  15. Dominique McQueen says:

    I’m so glad to see Missy Getting all the recognition and accolades she’s been deserving of FOR DECADES now.

  16. ******** says:

    I want to see the reaction of all those Mumble Rappers in the crowd who witnessed a LEGIT Rap Performance ?

  17. Siempre Ambie TV says:

    Did a man just disappear into a spaceship!!? ?? Lordt my whole wig just disappeared too! ?

  18. MᴀKᴇɴAʀᴛ says:

    Missy hyped this b*tch all the way up! MTV awards Retro style! Her dancers were turnt up, man! This performance was just so lit ??!!

  19. Alondra Bermea says:

    See now, that’s what I remember MTV being about in the 90’s (a show)

  20. TheFactsAccordingToGabbie1791 says:

    I’ll give up the rest of them to get back the missy Elliot in her prime.??

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