Missy Elliott – Throw It Back [Official Music Video]

Missy Elliott – Throw It Back [Official Music Video]

ICONOLOGY out now: https://missyelliott.lnk.to/ICONOLOGYID


Connect with Missy!
Website: http://www.missy-elliott.com/
Twitter: https://missyelliott.lnk.to/Twitter
Facebook: https://missyelliott.lnk.to/Facebook
Instagram: https://missyelliott.lnk.to/Instagram

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Youtube: https://missyelliott.lnk.to/YouTube
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47 Responses

  1. Missy Elliott says:


  2. Sydney O'Bier says:

    Thank GOD we have a Missy Elliott in the music industry ??

  3. T's a work n progress says:

    Love the popping colors! So?ed! Innovative/trailblazing as always??

  4. Becky LangBap905 says:

    *When my credit card is declined*
    Cashier: “Watch me throw it back”

  5. ajackson911 says:

    LAWD I BEEN MISSING THESE VIDEOS!!! Between Missy and Busta Rhymes was the queen and king of super duper creativity!!! ICONIC!!

  6. Gretchen Clark says:

    Love love love! She is amazing. These young kids had to google Tweet lol

  7. Brian G says:

    Sponsorship or not did y’all peep the Jeep she took with her on the moon ?

    She literally threw back some throwbacks with this one!

  8. FLRICHARDSON33 says:

    Industry: Dark skinned women not in style anymore.
    Missy Elliott: Hold my window?

  9. AgentS8dZ says:

    “I did records for Tweet, before ya’ll could even Tweet”…. I freakin LOVE Missy! Get it Ma… #OldSkool #ThrowItBack

  10. Niambi Mitchell says:

    Come through with the visuals Missy..show them how it’s done!!!???

  11. Shawn Russell says:

    I have been waiting for this for half my life. I love you Missy ??❤?

  12. cardashian77 says:

    I like what shes saying….and I love the video, but I hate the production of the song

  13. Paulo inacio Elite união says:

    The queen of the most originals and creative videoclips.

  14. M J says:

    Think, I’ll always rock with Missy but this video/song didn’t hit like her last two but all & all…still a classic.??

  15. Pris B. says:

    I did records for Tweet, before y’all could even tweet ??? Yessss Missy #ThrowItBack

  16. Christy Pascale says:

    Now the perfect Throwback would be Timbaland coming out of nowhere and randomly in the background. ??
    Anyone else?

  17. Bea Lynch says:

    Missy’s choreography is still hard asf !! now I’m gonna watch her Throw it Back!!

  18. Hal Fields says:

    “I did records for Tweet, before y’all could even tweet..”
    #SouthernHummingbird #classic

  19. 2020 XD says:

    #7 ON TRENDING as of 11am EST, come ppl!!!!!!! lets get her to #1????

  20. Lynzeep says:

    Proving to us once again why she’s getting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award ???‍♀️

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