Mitchell Robbins Microwaves Soup

Mitchell Robbins Microwaves Soup

Mitchell Robbins tries to microwave some soup.
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Mitchell Robbins is very afraid of the microwave, but he still tries to microwave some soup.

I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

Thanks for watching and sharing! Don’t stab people. I’ll see you later.

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51 Responses

  1. Gus Johnson says:

    i don’t know either
    follow me on twitter for more clarity

  2. BillyBob2112 says:

    Gus, I think this might be one of your best yet. Good job.

  3. Wiggin Miller says:

    That piano solo gave me some awful PTSD from College. I hated that Samsung alarm tone after finals week.

  4. Brastin3 says:

    Guys don’t make fun of him he’s actually microwave intolerant

  5. An Alarming Number Of Bees says:

    Don’t worry fellow humans, a microwave will only hurt you if you really deserve it.

  6. Mehster says:

    I really hope that wasn’t real glass

  7. baby beel says:

    im not sure if you actually made this video or this is simply another one of my numerous psychotic delusions so thank you for making things that are as weird as my brain is

  8. Samsquamtch says:

    The alarm music he played on the piano made my soul hurt.

  9. Zeb Ra says:

    How much of this was improv? Where the hell do lines like that come from if not improv? Who would write them?

    “Are they still making new episodes of Fairly Odd Parents?” Yes and they suck.

  10. Lare Alexander Short says:

    Get this to trending

  11. Kunta Kinte Gaming says:

    How did you know my fucking alarm???

  12. AdRock says:

    I F O R G O T T O V O T E

  13. PacifierMusic says:

    Why isn’t he Saturday Night Live. Get rid of the entire cast and just have Gus. I would actually watch the show.

  14. Elliot Deans says:

    if this doesn’t get to trending i’ve lost faith in humanity

  15. Bill McNeal says:

    0 thumbs down, this is gold

  16. Limeguy98 says:

    This is actually my favorite one

  17. Hunts Hutch says:

    Im pretty sure this is that video im gonna show people when theres nothing to do but watch youtube, but you dont know the people youre with very well, so you just sit there and awkwardly laugh at whatever they put on until your parents finally pick you up, or the pizza arrives or something. I will show them this video.

  18. Shad8x says:

    Its one of those days

  19. Michelle Casto says:

    This was 👌🏻

  20. Anthony Marsdon says:

    Some of your best work tbh

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