Mitski – Working for the Knife (Official Video)

Mitski – Working for the Knife (Official Video)

“Working for the Knife” the new song by Mitski out now on Dead Oceans.
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I cry at the start of every movie
I guess ‘cause I wish I was making things too
But I’m working for the knife

I used to think I would tell stories
But nobody cared for the stories I had about
No good guys

I always knew the world moves on
I just didn’t know it would go without me
I start the day high and it ends so low
‘Cause I’m working for the knife

I used to think I’d be done by 20
Now at 29 the road ahead appears the same
Though maybe at 30 I’ll see a way to change
That I’m living for the knife

I always thought the choice was mine
And I was right but I just chose wrong
I start the day lying and end with the truth
That I’m dying for the knife

Director: Zia Anger
Production Company: Portal
Producers: Meghan Doherty and Daniel April
Movement Direction: Monica Mirabile
Director of Photography: Ashley Connor
1st AC: Karl Elchinger
2nd AC: Jill Malouf
Gaffer/Key Grip/Dolly Grip: Dan Debrey
Stylist: Tiffani Williams
Stylist Assistant: Audra Gooch
Wardrobe supplied by: Collina Strada
Hair and Makeup: Maria Ortega
Production Coordinator: Joe Stankus Production Assistant: KC Crow Maddux
Editor: Chris Osborn
Sound Design: Joanna Fang
Color: Nat Jencks at Technicolor-PostWorks NY

Stills: Ebru Yildiz
Stills Assistant: Mitchell King
BTS: Lucas Carpenter
Label: Dead Oceans
Camera Package: Talamasas
Grip and Electric Package: Atom Burst

Mitski – Working for the Knife (Official Video)
#Mitski #WorkingfortheKnife

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36 Responses

  1. Malcxvm 💮 says:

    Let’s be honest, Mitski returning just made 2021 a whole lot better

  2. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    She really came back and dropped a whole film scene as a music video… Nobody is doing it like her

  3. yuri! says:


  4. I am batman says:

    The emotion… the soft strings in the beginning… and how its contrasted by the guitar that makes its reaperences its amazing.
    Batman approves

  5. Mileage says:

    Mitski is one of the most talented artists, she is so underrated for her work

  6. Ned Mononymous says:

    Mitski has an uncanny ability to release music whenever I’m about to be homeless again.

  7. Nathaniel Hoffman says:

    My first concert was Mitski. My first tattoo was a pearl, for her. I’ve been having a hard time at college trying to find motivation. But seeing Mitski dancing, expressing herself this way. It’s the reminder I needed that I can express myself however I want, I am in control of myself, and I am going to be okay. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Everything is good now.

  8. Yerb says:

    Literally nobody is doing it like mitski. So happy she’s back

  9. noah e says:

    It’s interesting how when she was on the stage at the end, the clapping only happened while she was seemingly struggling with internal pain, but the moment the dance turned outwardly violent the claps stopped

  10. HIVEMIND says:

    i relate to mitski songs before i even fully know what they’re about

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