Mittens The Chess Bot Will Make You Quit Chess

Mittens The Chess Bot Will Make You Quit Chess

Hikaru plays against the 1 elo rated Mittens chess bot.

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59 Responses

  1. says:

    Mittens has finally met her match

  2. Mythagoras says:

    Hikaru: “horrible technique, not impressed”

  3. Zmo 1n'Done says:

    Take this with a grain of salt because I’m pretty garbage at chess but mittens has a very strange and interesting and foreboding style of play. As hikaru pointed out, it is very very patient, doesn’t blitz anything or Rush anything, and is just hell bent on getting good positions.

    Also something about mittens gives me demonic vibes honestly. It’s like a lovecraftian evil alien AI cat from A distant realm

  4. Don Multitrack says:

    Let’s appreciate that Hikaru just saved humanity

  5. Cutting Board Worshipper says:

    It’s confirmed that Mittens is a devil in disguise to crush your confidence in chess

  6. MrBallz says:

    A round of applause for the guy that comes up with these great thumbnails

  7. R Tesaloniki says:

    “It feels like playing another human. I’m not inspired yet.”

    Hikaru, have you ever taken the Turing test yourself? This sounds like something a very potent AI would say!

  8. Trixification says:

    a few minutes after the cats came out I wanted to see how many i could beat and i wanted to start from the lowest elo so i started with mittens expecting it to be the easiest game ever that i could win with my eyes closed but no, instead within 3 minutes i found myself within the most earth shaking, violent one sided battle ever and i lasted 29 moves and then i watch hikaru’s video and he states hes not impressed with mittens, this really puts into contrast how good the top chess players like hikaru are

    • Eragon7 says:

      @Lucas Matsuoca I mean tbf, Even hikaru almost lost with that opening. But this Engine likely isnt full Stockfish 15 NNUE. Its probably just some weighted like 3300-3500 engine. Strong but not impossible to draw.

      Full power stockfish definitely would have won this game.

    • Rhavet says:

      I survived 38 moves

    • Julseu_lol says:

      @MX the first time I played Mittens I literally tried to set up a Scholar’s mate XDDD

    • Lucas Matsuoca says:

      @im_Lilly Levy didn’t try any specific strategy. Had Hikaru played a normal opening, he would lose for sure.
      The hippo is the best attempt to defeat an engine in time or to get a draw, cause you can close all the pawn breaks and make long term maneuvers. It’s very passive and hard to get advantage with this opening that’s why you don’t see him playing this on normal games…
      Although i think Levy would lose even with the Hippo, but he could last longer

    • Amplify says:

      I felt like I was witnessing a war crime and loved every minute of it.

  9. X1 Alpha says:

    hikaru for the 100th time : just take the knight
    Mitten 😹

  10. Creep says:

    Tried beating mittens, gotta say I last 40 moves, 25 for actual plays, and the remaining is just my king running

    • Mike Oath says:

      Everytime I feel like I’m getting really good at chess so I play against 1200-1600 bots beat them handily and start playing against 1800s I lose if I’m not thinking as hard as I can. Honestly makes me pretty sad but I’m glad chess bots exists because with players around your elo you can always count on them to blunder with bots not so much.

    • Andrew Sun says:

      Yeah I kept trying to get it to close the position but it kept breaking through, I think the max I lasted was 50 moves before it won a rook and I resigned. Game probably would’ve gone to 75 or 80.

    • Jade says:

      same, eventually my ego got too beat up and i resigned

    • Medelon Esmeralda says:

      Same wahahhaha 😂😂😂

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