[MIX & MAX] ENHYPEN JUNGWON & NI-KI (정원&니키) ‘Bleeding Darkness’ (4K)

[MIX & MAX] ENHYPEN JUNGWON & NI-KI (정원&니키) ‘Bleeding Darkness’ (4K)

[MIX & MAX] ENHYPEN JUNGWON & NI-KI (정원&니키) ‘Bleeding Darkness’ (4K)

[MIX & MAX] ENHYPEN JUNGWON & NI-KI ‘Bleeding Darkness’
[믹스앤맥스] 엔하이픈 정원&니키 ‘Bleeding Darkness’

엔진에 영원히 불을 지필 불멸의 조합!
엔하이픈 정원&니키의 유니크한 퍼포🤍
(1:05) 완벽한 표현력에 소름 쫙 돋음🩸

2022.04.30 ‘Choreo-Record’ Coming Soon

* Original Track and Music
Bleeding Darkness by BreadBeat, Junhyuk

* Performance Directing
Myung Sangwoo / Kim Dahee
Kim Sungkwan / Lee Gahun

* Dancer
Hwarang / Lim Junghyun / 9wang
Shin Seunghwa / Bae Wanjin / Bari
Yu Byunghwa / Hoodie / Bang Junho
Jeon Hojin / Hwang Seojun / Yoon Yeowoong
Leo_jung / Tiz park

[MIX & MAX] A collaborated pair performance showing the synergy of two K-POP artists, and a peek into their inner thoughts about dance.

Welcome to the new K-POP Dance journey of STUDIO CHOOM with your favorite K-POP Artists!

‘MIX & MAX’ present by 스튜디오 춤
K-POP 아티스트의 시너지가 담긴 페어 퍼포먼스와 춤에 대한 깊은 이야기를 들어보는 시간


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20 Responses

  1. Piinkblinks says:


  2. Melati amira says:

    This duo is going crazy, Jungwon expression never failed and Ni-ki move literally amazing

  3. 美玲 💙 says:

    amo que sus coreografías siempre traten de contar una historia y hacerla ver increíble, me encantó la coreografía y los colores del video le dan el toque!! al fin podemos ver a ni-ki en un proyecto de baile aquí en studio choom, y que bueno que jungwon estuvo aquí también para demostrar todo su talento, en serio amé esto <3

  4. hyunsun says:

    I wish Ni ki would never stop dancing!

  5. Lemon Seed says:

    guys, the facial expression of this duo is CRRRAZYY. they killed every beat!

  6. kpopify xolarsun says:

    These two setting the standard so high for being young,talented, and successful.

  7. Elna Care says:

    This performance absolutely deserves a praise. Ni-ki you’re very talented and stunning!!!!

  8. Kasturi Ariel says:

    When Niki said I wanna end this…
    Okay let’s end this coz I’m having mini heart attack T_T
    Why are JUNGWON and NIKI sooo goodddddddddd

  9. sai-ki says:

    Ni-ki’s facial expressions omg!!!!

  10. sunwe says:

    Me dio un ataque cuando los vi. Sus vestuarios, sus movimientos, todo es perfectos en ellos. Esta presentación es insuperable. Ni-ki y Jungwon lo hicieron increíble.

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