$1 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot – Friday, 29 July, 2022. Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. Brad Harrison says:

    Had fun today joking about winning and who all we would help and funds we would set up. That was worth the little we spent on the tickets.

  2. PianoKeyz says:

    1.7 billion on Tuesday would be the largest of any jackpot ever.

    • Blue Shrek says:

      @Candace Grant someone won unfortunately

    • Daniel Milner says:

      @wolf Quick picks can be duplicated, it’s just a randomized number by the individual machine.

    • GT-OD says:

      @Geezermann The jackpot wont be shared unless another ticket match all 5 numbers. Every other ticket worth a million or less wont take from the jackpot winner. That’s why they give you the cash option so all the other money goes else where.

    • Ugly Jutsu says:

      Then it’ll most like go up another 200 mil before the drawing so basically 2 billion

    • Time Traveler says:

      Geezermann I don’t think there was a winner! Nothing is posted.

  3. Kaylahh jade’ says:

    Didn’t win but praying whoever win gets everything they ever wanted in needed good luck to everyone until next game!

    • Wavy Bluz says:

      Wining the lottery is necessarily good for you. Yes you get lots of money but people who win seem to come out more miserable with all the money they have.

    • Daniel Harrington says:

      Yeah good luck you’ll probably win next time, just keep buying those slips! 😂

    • Daytrader terrible says:

      @aaron constantine no that is actuly silly comments…money is never evil or bad thing but human are..human made money look bad bc they misused and abuse it

    • Tovo Gaming says:

      Yes good luck

  4. Olive Myonaze says:

    I didn’t win, but I met some great people while waiting in line to buy tickets! 🙌

  5. OrganicChemistry2 says:

    It’s not about the Mega Millions..’s about the Mega Friendships I’ve made while waiting in line to purchase tickets.

  6. MadDogRanger says:

    Awww me and my family didn’t win first time playing we had hope and had fun dreaming, but hope you guys who won and didn’t win stay blessed 😇 have a great night

  7. Chris Jr says:

    Me still looking at my ticket hoping the winning numbers appear on it 🙃

  8. Ike Jrmy says:

    First time playing since I just turned 18 this year it was exciting to feel what Having a lottery ticket feels like good luck to everyone 🙌🏾

    • Ike Jrmy says:

      @Jonathan Castro I wish the best luck to you keep trying champ 👍🏾

    • Jonathan Castro says:

      I feel ya, I decided to go balls to the draw and bought 12 tickets (24$) and I only matched 67 on one but the fantasizing was fun while it lasted, even thought my luck would come as I just randomly saw Charlie and the Chocolate factory running on TV

  9. XionKuriyama says:

    Oh well, that was a fun few hours of fantasizing. Better luck to yall!

  10. Danyiele Clift says:

    Good luck to all!!

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