MMA Fighter Michael Page Pokemon Go KO Celebration || Best KO Celebration

MMA Fighter Michael Page Pokemon Go KO Celebration || Best KO Celebration

The Pokémon Go KO [VIDEO]: Michael “Venom” Page Scores KO And Rolls A Poké Ball At His Foe

Best KO of 2016 + Pokemon GO Celebration = Must see | Michael Page

Bellator’s Michael “Venom” Page is one of mixed martial arts’ rising stars, but he apparently finds some time to play a little Pokémon Go.

On Saturday at Bellator 158, in his hometown of London, England, Page scored a second-round, highlight-reel KO via flying knee on his opponent Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos.

In recognition of MVP’s celebration, I feel compelled to acknowledge his efforts with some of my own Pokémon Go lingo.

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20 Responses

  1. Swave Mario says:

    Super effective

  2. david perez says:

    this shit so gay lmao

  3. Keven Ruiz-santoyo says:

    What a badass

  4. 7Rekzor says:

    nigga wanted a fighting pokemon so bad 😂

  5. FruityShatter 00 says:

    Did he get hit on the forehead or on his nose?

  6. RSG says:

    how to be a savage 101

  7. calholli says:

    where can I watch Belat0r 0nline?

  8. Wallace Collins says:

    Everybody stop watching YouTube. nothing is worth it anymore.

  9. efrem peters says:

    no honor

  10. Red Star says:

    This made my day thank you ❤

  11. AbzorTCryteK says:

    why is the tittle pokemon go and not just pokemon

  12. gesus44 says:

    prop really.

  13. jacob Gloom says:

    fail he missed

  14. The Part Time Otaku says:

    Someone call nurse joy.

  15. Michael Anthony says:

    This nigga rolled a Pok’e’ball at him lol I’m done.

  16. Vape Nation says:


  17. Hank Hill says:

    I beat Bobby in a father-son living room wrestling match and threw a
    propane tank at his head after I won. He hasn’t moved in a while.

  18. Lance Cruz says:

    Fuck him. Asshole bow to your opponent.

  19. Steven Csenteri says:

    what i hate… is they had multiple angles on this flying knee to the face,
    and they showed us the back

  20. receo11 says:

    MMA is still a thing?