Mo Brooks – Build the Wall

Mo Brooks – Build the Wall

Mo Brooks is the only candidate who is willing to stand up to Mitch McConnell and establishment Republicans to make sure that the border wall President Trump ran on gets fully funded by the Senate.

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20 Responses

  1. MMC CROWNUS says:

    Go Mo!

  2. JohnnyFreeze says:

    We need mo of these kind of Senators

  3. Elephan Mann says:

    A Republican With a spine!

  4. BasedNano says:

    We support you!!!

  5. Jayson J says:

    We need more guys like this who actually have a pair

  6. jeremiah arnett says:

    Awesome! Wish I could send my vote to you from Kentucky, but since I cannot I will send my prayers to you and your family. God bless, and the best of luck. Go get em Mo!

  7. Dayton Perkins says:

    There’s a bullish ad fer ya! Good one, Mel. Go gettem.

  8. Alex Jones says:


  9. ndog37 says:

    I liked this video so much I watched it twice… and I don’t watch youtube videos twice lightly

  10. Hdtex says:

    Start with the Sermon on the Mount, you fucking hypocrite! Build a wall around yourself and TRUMP you piece of Christofascist SHIT!!!

  11. Hdtex says:

    WAIT…I thought Mexico was paying for that? WHAT HAPPENED???? LOLZ!

  12. dsimpki says:

    Mo, Schmo.
    Stop wasting on our money on silly walls.

  13. Michael Allen says:

    Maybe if he starts off with the Gospel of John right wing fundamentalists will learn something about helping the needy and feeding the poor.

  14. TeabaggersSUCK1 says:

    gop = Today’s KKK
    Be PROUD of your racism baggers!

  15. Cloudy products says:

    who’s gonna pay for it Mexico said they’re not

  16. justin kongolo says:

    Why is this on trending lol

  17. Lucio m says:

    All ya niggas supporting this shit are pussys and scared of brown ppl

  18. Money 1217 says:

    why the fuck is this on trending?

  19. Amar Jafri says:

    Alabama why are you electing these people my god…

  20. Daniel Sandoval says:

    wanting to build a wall to cut off Mexico just shows how stupid you are… expensive ass wall and people can still use a boat to get across it

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