Mo3 – Get Back (Official Video)

Mo3 – Get Back (Official Video)

Listen to the single “Get Back”. Out now!

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Official music video by Mo3 – Get Back © 2021 H$M Music / EMPIRE

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49 Responses

  1. Khriston Haynes says:

    The dallas goat💯💯🐐🐐🐐🐐.r.i.p osama💯💯💯💯💚

  2. Nella Bella says:

    The best Rapper out of Dallas ❤️

    • Kg music says:


    • MrM MrM says:

      Forget mentioning that he’s the best in Dallas as that’s a given….Mo3 is 1 of the greatest of all time in my opinion, ok his reach was only just starting 2 expand more n more across the World not just America for the last year or 2 b4 his untimely death, which was tragic! He could rap his ass off,lyrically he was top notch but what made him really really stand out for me was his amazing singing voice,his vocals were in a different league to any1 in the rap game!! He will truly b missed by millions of fans but where he’ll missed by far the most is by his family,his mum obviously but his kids more than any1,its heart breaking even thinking about it but he was really living like that and WhatsyaMacallit+his backup dancer were terrified of him this is 10000% facts especially after what happened 2 WhaysyaMacallit on the freeway and them realizing that he was doing his own work n not just dropping bags on people,he was getting up close and personal to get his get back for Roy Lee+his other m8 whereas everyone knows fine well neither of those clowns have the bottle 2 go hunt sum1 down n try 2 take them out at there level of fame etc especially but even if they weren’t famous neither were shooters these is just FACTS…He risked it all! Now this story of these 2 clowns that are locked up now foe his murder is just a farce they were paid to kill Mo3 by The backup dancer+WhatyaMacallit and there cover story was to just say 1 of them was mad at Mo3 cause he was fukin his bird behind his back which may have been true bit isn’t the true reason he was killed!
      Anyway LL3 HipHop/Rap Legend hopefully they’ll b the ultimate get back in the coming years on u know who x 2 and that they both suffer badly and if any1 of there fukboy friends want 2 keep chatting shit and mentioning Mo3 name 4 clout and for attention I hope they get taken out asleep in the worst way possible….Tortured by 1 of the cartels in Mexico wud b the best outcome!!! Both there Music is total ass anyway+both can’t rap for shit and these are again just FACTS…The music they produce is total fukin garbage,neither will be a round in 5 years anyway musically or living+breathing so looking forward to the demise of this pair of hating ass niggas …Were both frightened if not bloody terrified of Mo3 both Musically+in the streets+where he was willing to take it himself these fukin cock gobblers weren’t cut frm the same cloth as Mo3 or anything close to it THTS why they kept saying he was doing 2 much but this man is who u wud of ever wanted as a close friend,his loyalty to his brothers/homies was unrivaled,if u weren’t there n sum1 was slagging u off he wouldn’t have it and wud kick up shit and would always have ur back…LOYALTY. CANT BE BOUGHT LIKE THAT FRM A CLOSE HOMIE/BEST FRIEND THESE DAYS AS EVERYONE IS A BACK STABBING FUCKER FOR A FEW DOLLAR BILLS WHICH IS EXTREMELY SAD+EVEN AFTER ALL HE DONE FOR HIS HOMIES SOME OF THEM TURNED ON HIM!!! REST UP MELVIN ULL NEVER B FORGOTTEN BRO….RIP MO3 FOREVER….. LL3….US RAP LEGEND… KING OF DALLAS!!! UR NAME WILL.ALWAYS BE ALIVE IN ME THROUGH UR AMAZING MUSIC+SOLID CHARACTER TRAITS WHICH IV ALWAYS FOLLOWED MYSEL ANYWAY+I ALSO HAV SUFFERED BULLSHIT OF BACK STABBING,JEALOUSLY, LIES ETC!!! PEACE OUT EVERY1💯😈👊😊🖕😈

    • evangg 11 says:

      @MrM MrM 😐

    • Tyrese Hill says:

      @MrM MrM they don’t even know half what he did🩸⚰️

  3. Shawn Ray says:

    It’s crazy how in death this man still giving them boys hell LL3 💯

  4. Kato Clemenz ShiestGang says:

    Man it don’t hit the same he just said y’all talking to a dead man he already knew smh LL3 I definitely needed to hear what he would sound like in five years smh

  5. Bobby Edwards says:

    Bro the walker at the end got me dead🤣🤣🤣 LONG LIVE OSAMA

  6. Cristal love says:


  7. Desiree Crenshaw says:

    Yo I Feel Like Crying But I Can’t Do Nothing But Smile & Rock. I Love His Voice LL3

  8. tretre838 says:

    Who else felt when he said yall talking 2 a dead man…..i felt nun but chills

  9. DeWitt W Norris says:

    This shit hit different. Like 3 knew he would go soon so he made sure people knew his side of the story..LL3

  10. No Life Shaq says:

    My dawg #LL3

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