Mobile Games on Console – Scott The Woz

Mobile Games on Console – Scott The Woz

Scott was robbed in more ways than one.


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39 Responses

  1. Pixelcraftian says:

    Scott the Woz can say he was robbed as a joke and I would believe it actually happened lmao.

    Awesome video, remember to not delete Flappy Bird, as you can’t get it back once you delete it!

  2. ShortHax says:

    Can’t wait for the Raid Shadow Legends release on the consoles

  3. Mister Taffy says:

    Gameloft did had one game I really enjoyed and that was a Medieval jousting game. You pretty much tapped your horse, then aim your lance at whatever point the game told you to. You upgraded your horse to build up faster speed, and upgraded your lance to be more accurate since it would move around as you tried to aim it. It would be nice to see at least an indie game that did jousting as a game.

  4. ALDO Nueve says:

    Is funny how Pyoro, in WarioWare Inc. predates all bird based mobile games, and is pretty much as deep as those. In universe is a smash hit since the first game.

    • Samuel says:

      Speaking of: someone made a Pyoro game for the TI-83/84 calculators and it was easily the most technically advanced game for the “system.” (Ignoring modern versions with colored screens and wifi.)

      It featured gray scale from the black and white screen by flashing the pixels at different rates for the shades. But, craziest of all, it featured music from the 2.5mm jack built for transferring data between calculators. While technically the same jack as old phones used for headphones, it was never intended to output audio on the calculator. And yet, they did it.

    • yoymate says:

      as soon as angry birds became a hit someone at nintendo must’ve yelled I TOLD YOU

    • Deley18 says:

      And the fact that Pyoro got its own standalone game, albeit digitally, that’s saying something for a game that’s just a simple high score endurance and nothing more.

  5. Nowak Foxie says:

    “The cracks start to show with games like this and Asphalt when you put them on an actual console.”

    This is also true with The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The game was released on iOS and Android first, then the Switch, and there were plans to bring it to other consoles, PC and VR as well. This was showcased and heavily promoted at the game’s E3 2018 showing. Everything but the mobile/Switch versions got scrapped because the mobile version was released to middling reviews while the Switch version got torn apart by critics.

  6. f dawer says:

    New drinking game: drink whenever scott says “there’s nothing special about…”

  7. Water Me Loan 64 says:

    The fact that this episode doesn’t immediately start with “Hey all, Scott here!” is Psychologically Disturbing.

    Scott the Woz should make a Disney Infinity Episode!

  8. Patterrz says:

    I’m so detatched from mobile games I had no idea there was an Angry Birds Two AND THREE?

  9. Erik Liljeberg says:

    14:56 Part Time UFO is great though! Even though it’s originally a mobile game it feels like it was made for consoles. It makes me wonder why HAL didn’t release it on consoles to begin with.

  10. Psivewri says:

    The first time I got an iPod touch was honestly magical. Had so much fun playing games on the go!

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