Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mobile homes may seem like an affordable housing option, but large investment companies are making them less and less so.

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74 Responses

  1. Matt Burtless says:

    I used to live in a mobile home park. The changes I saw growing up make so much sense now that I know what has been happening.

  2. Sof Bof says:

    When your culture and history is about “making money”.

    • imms r. says:

      American history wasn’t about that that though. It was about flipping off the establishment, the monarchy, fucking born into social classes, and inherited wealth.

    • Morris Johnson says:

      +imms r. eh thats romantic and ideal. but what actually happened is immigrants with money saw a frontier to make money and cement institutions and structures that would ensure its survival. entire economic policies essentially proferring the maintenance of ruling class control and concentration of wealth. at the grand expense of people and their suffering – who dont happen to coin flip right on life.

    • Arturas P says:

      Even the first immigrants in the 16th century have been working in the debt trap till they died to pay off the voyage costs

    • Ryan says:

      +imms r. America has never been about flipping off the establishment. That’s just what they tell poor people so they feel represented. America was literally founded by corporations, it has always been about cut throat money making.

    • Ignacio Miranda says:

      +imms r. Don’t forget enslaving black people for profit

  3. The Nothing Nobody says:

    “like running a Waffle House where everyone is chained to the booths.”

    So….a normal Waffle House then?

  4. Daniel Ketterer says:

    Damn! Hard hitting stuff as usual. John Oliver yields unprecedented power in shaping the national dialogue, and with humor and wit he continues to steer us away from unbridled stupidity.

  5. Kelvin Waters says:

    Trailer-park flanked by a Walmart (subsidized low-wage workforce) and a pay-day loan establishment. America!

    • HoodedStalker says:

      +BookCade NB the problem with a lot of poor people is that the sit around waiting for the government to fix there problems while working a minimum wage job that requires little to no training, skill, or knowledge. If you can be trained to do your job in a week or less then there is no reason you should be making large sums of money when any monkey off the street can do it

    • Cooltrainer Ian says:

      I worked at a walmart for a time that LITERALLY had a trailer park in the lot next to it (and across the street as well) and you could see the people coming and going each shift change walking to or from the trailer park to their job literally next door. It was surreal.

    • info mus says:

      Is that the new American dream?

    • HoodedStalker says:

      If people want to prevent themselves from being poor, they should look to do something about it. If you don’t plan on going to college then you should take up a trade in highschool. There are all sorts of government loans for education. I know people who grew up poor and are in school now. Why? Because they know that without a set of skills or a formal education you will likely be stuck in the lower class for the rest of your life

    • HI says:

      +HoodedStalker There are a lot more factors then just choosing to get to school. Some people need to get jobs to help support their family after high school and loans are an extreme risk. Even if your tuition is paid for you still have to support yourself and monthly expenses can be difficult to manage. If you go to school and work both full time at minimum wage you wouldn’t make enough to live in most places to get by. And at the end of it there is no guarentee of a job

  6. Lynne Rexrodt says:

    Thank you for the shampoo joke. It was more spot on than you realize. Also apply this to any bottled condiment too. Little luxuries.

  7. GreatSwordNH says:

    Remember people: They only call it “Class Warfare” when we do it to them.

  8. Emsley Wyatt says:

    By the time I toss a shampoo bottle, you could drink from it.

  9. lindsEdenise says:

    Usually John Oliver can make me laugh at any grim topic, but this one is just depressing.

    • J J says:

      Turn that depression into political action to stop this shit from happening! Work to elect progressive Dems in your area — at the local level as well as the national, bc local elections = statehouse control = gerrymandering = lots of greedy GOP shits in Congress.

  10. skaluv says:

    Don’t worry, the consumer financial protection bureau will save them. It’s only gotten stronger under the current administration

  11. Uthman Baksh says:

    The rich always find a way to bleed the poor dry, I didn’t think they meant literally!

    • Florence P says:

      +Grimno it’s outrageous that if you donate blood or plasma you get paid. Insane. It’s completely forbidden in my country.

    • nawack1 says:

      America is crazy…
      Love you folks but you have to work to fix this madeness.

    • Scott says:

      Yes ! like Bernie Sanders.He’s made his millions ,but now he’s going to make sure there are no more millionaires with his Venezuela socialism plans . Phuck him and socialism !

    • Grimno says:

      +Florence P You don’t get paid for blood in the U.S. (As far as I’m aware. Some locations might but typical blood drives do not) however you do get paid for Plasma. Medical labs can’t create artificial plasma so they have to rely on people to donate it in order to make important medications. I think paying people creates the want to do so since everyone has plasma they can give. Thankfully plasma regenerates fast. After giving plasma you’re typically fine within the first hour after, and most plasma in the body regenerates within 48 hours so you get it all back. Donation payments are $20 the first time of the week and $45 the second time, though some locations do bonuses. My local one gives an extra $15 on your second donation each week so all-in-all you can make an extra $80 a week for just giving plasma. You get paid. They get life saving plasma. A win-win! There are of course rules of who can or cannot donate based on medical history or any procedures done to your body like tattoos, but if you’re able to, are not afraid of needles, and have some free times, I’d recommend it. First five or six donations will give $50 each as the starting bonus typically.

  12. DevilsBlood999 Jr says:

    The ending commercial was hilarious…”are you a witch?…what’s wrong with you” xD

  13. TheeMagicMaker says:

    You know it’s the bad place because Janet legitimately said the f-bomb.

  14. jaysolo says:

    Wow I almost did this . Thanks for saving me frfr

    • Kelly Keefe says:

      Be glad you did not take the bait ……

    • Brad Davis says:

      Glad you dodged a bullet. Spread the word.

    • ìFåГt Mägîç says:

      I almost did too. So glad we didnt. An upside is, we would have owned the land we put it on, but those rates are insane.

    • J R says:

      This is SO subjective, but it might be worth considering a (used) more RV-style “fifth wheel” trailer, if you can afford one without a loan. Cheaper, cheap to tow, and you can pay some rich person rent and utilities for backyard parking while paying a fraction of apartment rents. I couldn’t have afforded college without my trailer.

  15. Shane S says:

    Protect John Oliver and the employees of Last Week Tonight at all costs.

    • Tracy Allen says:

      I feel you. Any well known personalities exposing truths about stuff the wealthy don’t want people to know about, stand a chance of having a short life in this world. Sad

    • Jan Tichavský says:

      Besides all the bad things America still has the freedom of speech and also after speech, there are no assassinations like in Russia or other dictatorships. Or in China with their social credit score, although some might feel inspired already.

    • TheSongwritingCat says:

      +Jan Tichavský Assassins can be sent to other countries. Also, there are plenty of American assassins. They’re just not sanctioned by the government.

    • Jeff Sian says:

      +TheSongwritingCat true, but I would wonder if paying someone to kill another person would be worth it considering it would (potentially) turn them into a martyr and make their message louder. If I were an asshole, then I would just wait for someone else to screw up and take the heat off me, seems pretty easy nowadays

  16. John Chessant says:

    I love that John’s show informs me of topics I wouldn’t ever have considered otherwise. There are so many things wrong in this world, but we can only solve them if we know about them. Thanks, John, and keep it up!

  17. Chris N says:

    So the control of mobile home parks are being consolidated and the government is looking the other way. Anti-trust laws are dead.

  18. Alex Hariri says:

    I actually was considering buying a mobile home and had no idea it was this bad.

  19. Jokar 91 says:

    The taxidermy fox looks like if the carfax fox developed a drug addiction

    • Theron Williams says:

      wait, it didn’t have a drug addiction before?!?

    • Jamazoid says:

      When you live the fast life, you fall just as hard. The fox in that picture is named Miles “Tails” Prower. He ran with a fast crowd in the early 90s. Towards the year 2000, he fell on some really hard times and couldn’t afford to keep his habit and turned to dealing drugs. After years of being on the streets, he finally got the help he needed and turn his annoyance into something productive. He is now known as the CarFox. He has also since repaired his relationship with this old pal Sonic and the two plan to collaborate in the future.

  20. Offlineable says:

    12:28 groups of rich investors literally touring poor neighborhoods so they can learn how to take advantage of them.

    Is this real life?

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