Mock Job Interview for President with Donald Trump

Mock Job Interview for President with Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump answers a list of standard job interview questions while Jimmy evaluates his qualifications for POTUS.

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Mock Job Interview for President with Donald Trump

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20 Responses

  1. 5sosforlife says:

    Did they pay the audience to clap…?please say they did…we all know too
    damn well he doesn’t deserve it?

  2. Andrew Crick says:

    Lmao at all the close minded people who think this is still about political
    parties and views. Open your eyes and forget about that, and start
    realising how fucking stupid a person Donald Trump is, and that its
    insanity that anyone could want a guy like him in the most powerful
    position in the world.

  3. Ana T. says:

    Honestly, no talk show should invite Donald Trump, no one should invite him
    for their shows. it only gives him more exposure.

    BUT lol seriously. How can anyone possibly take him seriously? damn. he is
    so… what a joke.

  4. Gaspar Prouvé says:

    Before Trump nobody talked about vital issues. And now everybody is acting
    like it was normal. You have no idea how much you all have to thank Donald
    Trump for waking up this country. You don’t have to agree with everything
    he says, but really he is only talking about the basic structure of a
    country that has to be maintained.

  5. Cilan RapeFace says:

    “Good Luck!” Jimmy please tell me your sarcastic.

  6. Daniel Brito says:


  7. Yasaar Abdulhaq says:

    americas fried

  8. Natasha Lim says:

    ‘I have a beautiful head of hair’ LMAO OKAY

  9. ‫بدر الرشيدي‬‎ says:

    If he wins, I’m moving to Saudi Arabia

  10. Jim Bradford says:

    you’re very patieny. $ reproduce dapper what do you tmink?

  11. Chris t says:

    This man is embarrassing me.

  12. KuKlux Kaleb says:

    I can’t wait till trump is our president and every is gonna take back what
    they said about him
    Trump is a hero

  13. Steel Dutchess says:

    You’re HIRED, Donald

  14. Annastasia Shumoski says:

    Never thought you would ever put yourself in this position, Jimmy.

  15. DarthSparhawk says:

    Good and funny interview. Especially the part in which Donald claims to be
    handsome. :D

  16. Cristina Gamboa says:

    If he wins I would be scared to visit United States. I am latina and I love
    President Obama

  17. Sohie Snow says:

    Why is Jimmy supporting him?..

  18. Anthony Ramirez says:

    thank god everyone disliking this once nobody gave a shit about this man
    now he went over board & everyone dislikes him

  19. Coolrockndad says:

    TRUMP 2016 – 2020 …. You can’t say he doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  20. Joseph Hutchison says:

    I say it once I say it again, EVERYONE in Scotland hates you.