Mock Job Interview for President with Hillary Clinton

Mock Job Interview for President with Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton answers a list of standard job interview questions while Jimmy evaluates her qualifications for POTUS.

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Mock Job Interview for President with Hillary Clinton

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20 Responses

  1. Marge Simpson says:

    god she is so fucking boring.

  2. saphirubis says:

    i can’t believe he just called hillary clinton chatty cathy LOL he looked
    so embarrassed by himself

  3. Kas12322 says:

    evil bitch

  4. Daniel Alba says:

    First Trump and now Clinton ?

  5. Andrés says:

    I love Hillary she would be an awesome president

  6. tanner1ie says:

    POTUS, ha! 🙂 .

    (I’m not laughing about Hillary’s qualities for being “President material”,
    just that acronym 🙂 .)

  7. kappyfulliness says:

    The comments sections. Dear Lord.

  8. MrStensnask says:

    Yeah, you’re not gonna win, Hillary

  9. Charger Dave says:

    Isnt there ONE job she wont do… did i go to far

  10. Monica Bouza says:


  11. 39thala says:

    So, is Jimmy trying to adopt a David Letterman laugh these days? 0:41 1:37
    1:53 2:21 All sounds really forced, just like letterman’s did.

  12. nogames malo says:


  13. Justin Pemberton says:

    Hillary Clinton looks like a female Martin Short

  14. Matthew Barber says:

    Why can’t Ron Paul be President?

  15. Blushing Gun says:

    Her people must have told her to stop with that loud laugh because now she
    does a silent giggle.

  16. Fiery Biscuits says:

    God all the dumb feminazis are going to vote for her! Without listening to
    her policies!!!!

  17. Reese Penrod says:

    Still waiting for a Rickman/Bowie tribute. Stop endorsing these apes.

  18. Mike P says:

    Two morons of the puppet gallery. All fake. It does not matter which puppet
    sits as president never has never will. All are pre selected since this
    country began. Elections are for show to make sheeple/slaves feel better.

  19. Agory says:

    are they doing this interview from prison? cause that’s where that lying
    bitch belongs

  20. howiwatchvideos says:

    She is a ruthless murderer.