Model Y Unveil

Model Y Unveil

Design your Model Y –

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79 Responses

  1. Diwas Malla says:

    He should have started with the “Tesla review??”

  2. sambrx says:

    How crazy how this guy used to host meme review

  3. Rango Le says:

    Just bought a model S and love it! I’m a raving Tesla and Elon fan for life!

  4. Ruben Strating says:

    Wow the guy who hosed Meme-review also does electric cars now? What a great guy that Elon guy!

  5. xx Terminators xx says:

    If the company fails(it won’t),Elon won’t need to worry of finding a job,he’s a great stand up comedian!!

  6. Toxic Sverre says:

    3:28 Teslas first car
    6:10 The model S
    8:42 Tesla model X
    10:00 Model 3
    10:45 The new roadster
    11:10 The truck
    29:00 The model Y

  7. Jeremy Classen says:

    Man, he sounds like me when I do a presentation at school ?

  8. game split says:

    Can’t Tesla come out with a phone. With the battery pack on the bottom?

  9. Asserting Word says:

    Hats off to all the production workers. Yall dona absolutely amazing job keep it up yall!!!!!!!!

  10. Noah Alexander says:

    Next model: All four models (S3XY) have a foursome and BOOM!

  11. Marius Pilipas says:

    With Elon Musk’s mind and Steve Job’s sales skills you would get the best campaign in the world

  12. Marmurel says:

    “we are bringing sexy back quite literally” -Elon Musk 2019 haha lol

  13. Robert idonotsharemyfullname says:

    kazakhstan is a great idea acutally… if you can make electric a trend in an economy that is primarily driven by oil and gas, you are really pushing the envelope.

    • Xuan Liang Foo says:

      Don’t forget how the one belt one road initiative will further bring demand to their trucks with more superchargers in China and Europe, with Kazakhstan being a decent middle ground bringing the two parts together.

    • Public Administration says:

      Kazakhstan is driven by corruption. Oil and gas just happened to be there.

  14. LeviathanShark says:

    Model S
    Model 3
    Model X
    Model Y

    Good multi-billion dollar joke Elon

  15. BestPopcornNA says:

    dont let this distract you from the fact that before s3xy it was just s3x

  16. Alter Ego says:

    “Supercharger in Kazakhstan”

    With Elon Musk you can’t tell if he is kidding or not

  17. Detective Loki says:

    Whole Tesla company in one word : S3XY

    • The Gaming Norwegian says:

      We`ll see where he puts the “semi” on the website tho lmao, “semi s3xy Roadster”.

  18. Teemo says:

    28:32 Where Tesla will be in 10 years?
    Him already know the answear but wanted to hear from us. :))

  19. Ali Annor says:

    I’m pretty sure in this moment, Elon is creating his own Iron Man suit in his basement, with a real AI and flying exo suit, and won’t tell anyone until it’s ready.

  20. Барсук Фесс says:

    Elon Musk – is the hero of our time!

    With best regards from Russia 🙂

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