Modeling a Gas With Magnets

Modeling a Gas With Magnets

I use magnets to simulate interactions between molecules.

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20 Responses

  1. Jared Hughes says:

    cool idea. thanks for sharing. might consider adding in some liquid nitrogen and see how it affects their magnetic fields as it cools down and warms back up.

  2. NightHawkInLight says:

    Man big magnets like that cylinder you’ve got scare me. I couldn’t stop looking at that knife on the table and thinking what may happen if you get too close. Awesome experiment though, I may make one of these to bring to bring to kids science classes.

  3. Toxic Killa says:

    Cody won’t see this but, I love your channel dude! Keep up the great videos??

  4. IndominusMosa Gaming says:

    Cody are you excited for the eclipse?

  5. Mark Zuckerberg says:


  6. MrYourfavoritesub says:

    I really appreciate how active Cody is in his comment section.

  7. Determined Daniel says:

    Can you please tell me where you got the magnets! Pretty please!!

  8. jay johnson says:


  9. kenneth miesner says:

    Cody you should try and take some mercury from some fish . Please.

  10. AirCannonChannel says:

    You really have to clean that fish tank Cody! 🙂

  11. George Peals says:

    You should make this a toy.
    Like so he can see

  12. Andre Antunes says:

    He can sense the polarity of the magnets with his finger, I just realised haha.
    That’s why he was able to repel 2 magnets without testing them first. The magnet in your finger really payed off XD

  13. Nut Suphanat says:

    This is a revolutionary breakthrough approach in teaching 3 basic states of matters, really. This video alone deserves a huge award of some sort for making something that some kids find it hard to understand to be phenomenally easy to understand, and I think you did a fantastic job at making this illustration. It really is one of the kind, and only one, awesome!!!!!!!

  14. psygn0sis says:

    (3:30) Yeah, me too!!!

  15. Jonas Drotleff says:

    If I remove gravity

  16. cyprex says:

    Brine shrimp update please! That ending looked awesome!

  17. MarsBar says:

    If the magnets were lubricated, do you think they would shake around a bit better?

    Also, without any friction at all (lubricated in a vaccuum maybe?), would they actually move around more, like actual gas particles?

  18. Binary's Bits says:

    Explode again??

  19. Sal C says:

    What’s your hair growth formula?

  20. Shayde Mohr says:

    Shut up and take my money!

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