Moderator Fail | Donald J. Trump for President

Moderator Fail | Donald J. Trump for President

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19 Responses

  1. Dom Jenkins says:

    They just didn’t let him get away with all the interruptions and stupid
    shit that he did last debate with Lester Holt.

  2. Bill Kerr says:

    Since when do moderators give opinions as to policy??

  3. MrBowser2012 says:

    It must have been one helluva lemon that Raddatz ate when she was young to
    make her face stay that way for life.

  4. Jeff kendall says:

    radditz needed to be schlonged!!

  5. ShadowBoxD says:

    So he’s mad that he was being corrected, which is the moderators job. He
    actually made an ad portraying himself as a whiny crybaby bitch in response
    which is further proof that he is a whiny crybaby bitch.

  6. Yeager Bomb says:

    I MADE a Trump sniff version! Funny rap, you don’t have to come watch it
    but it’s funny:)

  7. michael blackwell says:

    They need to let Alex Jones be a moderator.

  8. kike amatore says:

    fuck you trump the whole world looks at you as a joke , i fell sry for
    thise whi support him

  9. quadbravo says:

    Martha Raddatz is a leftist with no sense of fairness or moderating a
    debate. Cut Trump off and suggested we report dates for psychological
    reasons. Maybe she should just grab a mic and get up on stage. The
    questions are so staged, especially the last one. Trump rolled over her.

    It’s amazing, the lib left has no outrage for Hillary’s husbands actions
    even when he was in office. No outrage over his lying under oath. No
    outrage over Whitewater files from the Rose Law firm found by her White
    House cleaning lady that were UNDER subpoena. No outrage over the 600 phone
    calls from the Embassy in Benghazi that resulted in the brutal murder of 4
    innocent men and release of millions of dollars of weapons to the Muslim
    Brotherhood. No outrage over setting up a private server to communicate
    with the President using a pseudonym and then deleting 30,000 emails that
    also were under subpoena. No outrage over the release of the 5 worst
    muslims in the world from Gitmo in exchange for a mulsim deserter. No
    outrage over sending two payments totaling 2 Billion to Iran.

  10. Epi says:

    You know, truth be told, no one has died under Trump. Somewhere around 50
    under Clinton. A friend of mine, a soldier, said she was horrible to his
    fellow soldiers and would do and say horrible things to them, for instance,
    she bumped into him and turned it on him, making him lose a rank. She is
    degrading, mean, vicious, manipulating and thieving. She is ruled by her
    love for money and power to rule. Think about that. If she is so
    disrespectful to our soldiers…those that sacrifice their lives for this
    country…those that should have ALL of our respect…what does that say
    about how she feels about Americans…we, “deplorables” and “functioning
    illiterates…” we are nothing more than expendable, or collateral damage
    to her. She could care less. Look at all her past actions. Her lack of
    value and regard for human life…The truth of her actions should be
    evident. And I know this much…”We hold these truths to be self evident.
    That all men are created equal. That we have been endowed with certain
    unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…”

    And I don’t trust her with any of them. Let’s not get me started on how
    evil she is. Do the research. Question everything….even me! But do the
    research for yourself….please.
    This is America! Stand up against this tyranny! Fight for your unalienable
    rights, that are being stripped from you! Bring back due process! Proper
    vetting! Fight for your way of life, Make America great again!! THIS IS OUR

    Trump 2016!

  11. Bob Jones says:

    Many times last night I said “Answer the question!!” to both parties.
    Mostly Trump tho.

  12. Lynne Whelden says:

    Has anyone noticed Hillary’s eyes? Once again, they look crossed,
    unfocused, nobody (with a soul) at home.

  13. Whitefright says:

    Trump doesn’t take any crap, Hillary is full of crap that’s why a fly
    landed on her.

  14. Sam Sbogh says:

    trump is an irredeemable pervert and a sexual predator!!.a mockery to this
    presidential election!. a national disaster and a shame to america and to
    his family!.

  15. Joshua Nestberg says:


  16. Allosaurus Fragilis says:

    Its almost over for the trumplodites. Ryan is not defending the annoying
    orange any longer. This means he knows the race is lost. Its been fun. You
    can go back to your trailers now…

  17. DayTripperID says:

    I always thought Anderson Pooper was an arrogant little wiener douche. That
    purple tie and those square rim glasses. What a priss.

  18. Sam Nicholson says:

    Samuel L Jackson would be a badass moderator.

  19. Bluzman7 V says:

    Radditz – pointing finger and snarling – the agony of defeat.