Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay details and Info!

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay details and Info!

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay details and Information plus Warzone 2 gameplay details and Info. New movement, swimming, vehicle destruction and more. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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41 Responses

  1. jackfrags says:

    Thank you for all of the lovely support on this video, appreciate you all!

  2. BSJ IN THE HOUSE says:

    Confusing times where COD is doing Battlefield better than Battlefield.

    • Indi says:

      @countryboycansurvive CoD Failed many times like ghosts and WW2, but the massive dedicated fan base keeps the franchise alive.

    • Juan. says:

      @Gaming Game because every cod game is the same as the one before.

    • fluutarp says:

      @Joe nah bf2042 has been fine for me, i legit don’t get half of all the bullshit people say about it because I never experience it, I know BF never have stable launches therefore I won’t judge, keep in mind BF4 had broken netcode I til a year of release till they fixed it 🙂

    • PGD says:

      Cod was always doing better than Battlefield at least in sales

    • Random Channel says:

      Yeah there’s no way BF will compete with this

  3. Arkham Soldier says:

    I like how Jack tries to demonstrate what he is talking about with MW19 and other gameplay to give us a visualization on what it might look like
    love your content man

    • Der Einheimische says:


    • jackfrags says:

      lol no problem. It took me a while to find relevant clips but I feel like we got there in the end!

    • T!mG. says:

      Came here to say this! It’s gotta be so much work to find so many fitting visuals, thanks for your efforts Jack! It makes watching the content a lot more engaging and comprehensive <3

  4. ODRAUDE says:

    The seem to be slowly moving in to compete with Battlefield’s big scale warfare with bigger maps, more weapons and weapon customization, more players, bigger emphasis on vehicles and vehicular combat (attack helicopters would be awesome). Only thing missing is destructible environment. This has immense potential if they execute it right

    • Bert Macklin says:

      I’ve always loved battlefield for the historical big battles and I feel that’s their strong suite *cough cough* most of the time, but loved Cods gunplay more. 😤

    • TrueDPS says:

      They’re actually just trying to capture every FPS player. Battlefield, Siege, BRs, Tarkov, if you play fps games. They want you, and they are making modes for you.

    • Random Channel says:

      Even water combat which battlefield did first

    • Cocopuffdaddy says:

      Literally, I am more of a BF guy and am really hyped for this game. It seems like the BF we wanted plus the nostalgia of MW2

    • Blanc Despair says:

      I think an improve version of groundwar can hook in all the bf fans.

  5. Joel Öman says:

    Looking at the new trailer and thinking: “It would be cool to have dynamic battlefields on MP levels as well, think of an MP map where you’re on that ship that tilts back and forward having the containers sliding from one side to the other”! I’m looking forward to this one actually. Really much!

  6. StoneMountain64 says:


  7. randomfrankp says:

    Since BF2042 was such a let down, I’m unreasonably excited for this lol

    • Rogeran Stern says:

      @thegamingguy why?

    • Shroomgni says:

      Yeah, let’s just feed the leviathan and then complain about how horrible the outcome is

    • thegamingguy says:

      @Oh Well definitely not my issue lol I’m a dad so I don’t have alot of time to play so when I spend 60 bucks or even more for a game I expect a certain level of quality and the cods since 2019 mw have been a letdown and I never thought dice would release the dumpster fire that is 2042 sbmm never bothered me honestly I don’t think its makes that much of a difference

    • MonteMD says:

      @Chaz Hartwayne I think they will but yea I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Warzone stuff is implemented into the normal multiplayer. Which could be good, but we will see

    • Chaz Hartwayne says:

      I hope this game won’t be all about Warzone and they actually put some focus on the multiplayer.

  8. Jason Resnov says:

    I just want to know if there’s factions in multiplayer. Like actual split factions like how MW2019 did. I don’t want how Vanguard does it, with every operator available for everyone…

    • Alex says:

      @Jelsick Yeah it was especially annoying for people that play hardcore like me. I ended up killing myself cuz of reflected damage than by enemies

    • Jelsick says:

      I agree. Vanguard multi player can get annoying because you can’t tell who is who quickly enough.

    • Alex says:

      With how badly Vanguard flopped, I think IW will stick to their guns with this one and make sure you can’t have twelve of the same player running around. Always bothered me that you couldn’t tell friendly from enemy in Vanguard

  9. Kriminal Logic says:

    This almost feels like what Battlefield should have been, some cool mechanics being added as well as the additional game modes are cool, just hope they are populated and not everyone is just in one mode. I’m excited for this.

  10. DG says:

    The gunsmith sounds absolutely amazing. If I understood it correctly, the base weapon is let’s say AK47. You level up that weapon, you unlock attachments for the AK, as well as unlock new guns that are based on the system? Like PP-19 Vityaz or even Saiga? That sounds really awesome to me.

    • WolfUnique says:

      @The Verminator if its in assault,smg,shotgun catogies unlock its lame because once you lvl up a weapon you will have attachments for everything else in that category ,it takes the feeling of lvl up a weapon…

    • The Verminator says:

      It’s either that or any ‘assault’ weapon you unlock gives unlocks to all the other assault weapons.

    • Stephen Nelson says:

      I was thinking you start off with Ak47 you unlock the AKM, the AK-12, the Saiga, the SVD, the Vityaz. Either way it sounds excellent!

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