Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo, and Trailer!

Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo, and Trailer!

In celebration of Minecraft’s 11th birthday, we’re unveiling a refreshed name, a new logo and this very trailer! Meet the mysterious little gizmos known as the Mojangs, and get the full inside scoop at

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65 Responses

  1. Anteros Auditore says:

    “brand new games” that means spin off like minecraft dungeons or new IPs Xbox/PC only??

  2. Danimeme says:

    This is like one of those “my new intro” videos

  3. weslo says:

    Nobody realized that Minecraft turned 11 years today?

  4. Toby Harverd says:

    Notice how at 1:08 the logo makes a Minecraft enchantment sound, as if it was enchanted (or upgraded)

  5. Oğuzhan says:

    kids will make memes like “we grew up with this, not this” in 10 years without even knowing the old launcher

  6. Mishaan Parmar says:

    No one:

    Mojang: (adds one word to their company)

    Apple: we need this ingenuity

  7. Henik Studios says:

    My youtube recomandation at 3am: Wanna see Mojangs new Logo?

    Me: Well well well then lets find out

  8. HardNotHard7 says:

    *reveal our biggest little secret yet*
    Me: *visible confusion*

  9. The OG says:

    “Even our amazing community!”

    PvP Community: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

  10. Chad Rose says:

    New product revealed at 0:19

    _* _*_Mojam_*_ *_

  11. Zastock says:

    All this fun and play inspired our NEW NAME!
    *”Hooray!” Sound effect*

  12. Cheeto_Thunderstorm says:

    0:28 look at the bottom of the screen. nice.

  13. Kadin Bunch says:

    Why aren’t we talking about when the creepers on the computer it says “Aww man…” at the bottom

  14. Chilling Station says:


  15. DottierDig1656 says:

    0:39 – The smile on the machine. Love that

  16. ShaunDelier says:

    “Even our amazing community!”

    2b2t: Amaaaaazingly destructive community!

  17. Earl of Lemongrab says:

    The OGs will remember the Mojang specifications logo

  18. DxdEyes says:

    11 years boys of straight fun and nostalgia Minecraft mojang you brought us happiness when times were hard us. You brought people together and gave us more memories than most games and when that day comes…the final update I hope you know this and you made amazing game.

    Thank you for everything


    • Sujeto 329 says:

      And there is more to come in the future, the video has many secrets, in the minute 0:41 on the monitor there are secrets such as: “Secret Festival” or “Epic live show ideas”.

  19. Derik The man says:

    “Even are amazing community!”

    2b2t players: hi

  20. AvaPop says:

    Everyone’s still just gonna say Mojang.

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