Molten Copper vs Snow Globe

Molten Copper vs Snow Globe

Pouring molten scrap copper on top of a snow globe. At the end the snow globe still plays. Hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas

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20 Responses

  1. Rebecca c says:

    some people just want to watch the world burn

  2. Luigi Bianco says:

    When politicians talk about “diversity,” what they always mean is “fewer
    White people.”
    When they say “Diversity is our greatest strength,” what they mean is
    “White people are our greatest weakness.”
    Diversity means chasing down every last White person.
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    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  3. Corey Harper says:

    Molten copper vs dried ice?? Or have you already done it

  4. George Mianes says:

    Slinky VS. Molten Copper

  5. GiantBatGaming says:

    This was a little sad to watch…I don’t know why.

  6. Le Lenny Potato says:

    Rest in spaghettini never forgetti

  7. Block Head says:

    In the next year or so this channel will have 1 million subscribers. Can’t
    wait to come back and see this comment a year from now.

  8. FT Walrus says:

    And I’m sitting here, being told that Copper is super expensive. Meanwhile
    this guy pours it over the most random stuff for no reason and benefit at

  9. Madasun Coates says:

    no wonder you always have copper

  10. Manuel Albani says:

    If only you had a slow motion camera, it would be great.

  11. Sir leviticus (Galahad) says:

    can you imagine this going on someones skin?!?!

  12. Sir leviticus (Galahad) says:

    can you imagine this going on someones skin?!?!

  13. Cristian Benavides (Crisben93) says:

    the best way to say good bye to 2015

  14. Andrew Lee says:

    Yep that about sums up my 2015

  15. Derek Hardman says:

    2015 in a gif

  16. Life Elam says:

    merry easter everybody

  17. alljapan520 says:


  18. Hasmit Uchil says:

    Good to see the globe is water proof.. Thanks..

  19. Clifton Clendenen says:

    That christmas tree didnt give one fuck, it was not melting today

  20. MYSTICps says:

    Do a bullet if you can please